caught up in cash mob

Photos by Landon and Paulina
thrifted net dress  |  gifted nameplate from Onecklace  |  Senso shoes  |  Zara bag

An all black look isn't complete without a little bit of texture with this fishnet business that I thrifted with the sunflower top. Also bringing back the nameplate from middle school y'all. 

If you're like me, then Black Friday and sample sales probably give you intense anxiety. I mean shopping is supposed to be stress-relieving and an altogether enjoyable time. Instead, during these things - people are pitted against each other and in the end, all that stress probably isn't worth it. 

Wanted to tell you guys about a pretty exciting new app called Plurro, which lets anyone create Cash Mobs - essentially benefiting everyone. The more people that join, the more discount there is at your favorite story. And get this, these include restaurants! (And you know how much I love to eat...)

Anyway, they're having a huge Cash Mob at Second Time Around, the vintage destination in new York for huge discounts on Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik and all that jazz. The current discount is guaranteed at 20% off, but if 25-50 people sign on to come to the Cash Mob, the discount will increase to 25%; if 50 or more people sign up, the discount will climb again to 30% off. 

Cash Mob Details
WhereSecond Time Around, 238 West 72nd Street, New York, NY
When: Thursday August 1, 2013; 4pm - 8pm
Who: Anyone can join the Cash Mob using Plurro's app, available on the Web at www.plurro.com or for iPhone in the App Store


inanimate objects to obsess over

H&M sunglasses (similar here)

Just a few recent acquired inanimate objects that I'm into right now! Shoutout to Bollare, Alle and Sara for the awesome life improvement goodies and to Julie for loving Harry Potter (the books) and Jay Z and for texting me videos of her rendition of R. Kelly's Ignition.  


in bloom

Photos by Landon
thrifted sunflower top (here, here and here)  |  Isabel Lu leather shorts  |  Civil Clothing tote  |  Sam Edelman sandals

Floral's always been a big print in my closet (it's definitely Landon's thing though), but I think I've finally found it. I've found my floral niche in life: sunflowers and daisies all around. Last weekend, I had a yard sale, which I definitely didn't advertise too much this time around, and when that failed due to the sweltering heat, we headed to Brooklyn to do some good ol' thrifting. I picked up this beauty and it's just the perfect swing, dropwaisted silhouette for the summer, perfectly airy and it drapes just right.


stripes & daisies

Untitled #18

Photos by Landon

Good morning early birds! With the weather in New York right now, all you can do it throw on something short, airy with some sort of cutout - and Motel Rocks has it all. These are just four of my favorites but they have so many amazing prints, washes and silhouettes that I had a hard time choosing. And if I'll be honest, they're the ones that turned me into a daisy fanatic. So thank you, Motel Rocks. You rock.

Also, remember those floral overalls I wore in this Instagram post? Those beauts are from Living Doll LA - they have a new online site so check 'em out! 

Now off to a weekend of debauchery aka furniture shopping. #thisisreallife


the silk shirt

Photos by Landon
gifted Iahn LA silk shirt  |  H&M boyfriend jeans (a bunch of them here)  |  H&M socks  |  Converses

Everyone needs the perfect silk shirt in their lives, and granted - I do have a few of them. But none fit or feel quite as luxurious as this one from Iahn LA. It's also such a nice shade of blue, with a hint of lavender. 


it just got personal with c. wonder

Better late than never to show you a few photos from the C. Wonder event at their store a few weeks ago. Their store never ceases to amaze me with all their color, prints and bright lights. It's like every home decor photo you've ever seen on Pinterest, but better - in real life. It was great to hang with some friends and just relax and shop after work. I also got a pretty rad monogrammed bag that'll probably show itself on my Instagram sooner rather than later. #itjustgotpersonal

Untitled #17

Thrilled to announce that the new C. Wonder website is chock full of amazing things including online monogramming (try to breathe, Kristen). C. Wonder literally has everything from home decor to jewelry to tech accessories - if they have a pineapple shaped cutting board then chances are, they've got pretty much anything you could ever dream about.


trying my hand

Photos by Landon
Forever21 top  |  gifted Lulu's pants  |  Zara bag  

Finally trying my hand at wide-legged pants with these light wash denim pants from Lulu's and a cropped printed top. 


just another day

Photos by Landon
gifted USTrendy overalls  |  H&M shirt  |  Converses

An easy one with a white shirt with a sheer panel, a pair of lightweight psuedo-denim overalls and a pair of shining white Chucks and quick outfit shots while passing by some beautiful sunflowers. 


pushing daisies

Photos by Paulina
thrifted top  |  gifted Motel Rocks skirt  |  ShoeMint flats

There's nothing like a good daisy print to put a little bit of fun in your outfit. Two different daisy prints though? I thought I'd try it. This Motel Rocks skirt has such a minimal daisy print that it was easy to pair it with this wilder top that I thrifted a few weeks ago (what a find, right?). Motel always has the cutest prints, Arizka (girl crush, yo) rocked a long, maxi version of this print and I just had to go with the same title from one of her other posts (girl really loves her daisies). I paired it with a denim shirt this past weekend - on Instagram - confirming that this is gonna go with basically everything I have in my closet. 


the classics | loafers, brogues and sneakers

Gucci patent leather brogues

Get it? Yeah my blog titles are hilarious. Well I thought that I'd share a few of my favorite loafers and sneakers since, if you know me IRL (in real life) - you'd know that I'm not usually in heels. The cat's out of the bag. I don't trek around in heels all day in the city. I'm more of a sneakers-sandals-flats-loafers kinda girl.

Untitled #15

Nike Air Max leather sneakers

Each of these pairs - if I could afford all of them in real life - would do my wardrobe justice.  Still not over loafers and sneakers and I don't think I'll ever be.

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summer layers

Photos by Landon
Forever21 dress  |  UNIQLO chiffon coverup  |  thrifted shirt  |  Zara heels

Layering up for the summer? Never thought it was possible. But my penchant for white dresses has really gone too far (or not far enough?). Must. Get. More. (this, this and this - in white of course.)


costa rica | 2

Obviously the front of me wasn't feeling very photogenic during Costa Rica - but there's always something pretty magical about seeing a faceless photo (because it could totally be you).

Just a few snaps from the trip a few weeks ago, and I'm still missing it - shopping around Coco Beach, having my eye on these cute backpacks and having too big of a pride issue to give into high prices even after trying to haggle for 10 minutes. 


good deals: the asos sale

Untitled #12

Untitled #13

velcro black flat sandals

Just a few things that I'd be spending my paycheck on - and they're all such a good deal. Because floral rompers and scarf printed culottes should be in everyone's wardrobe.

ASOS knows how to do a good sale. AND they're giving us 20% off full price items? Man, they love us.

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