my mira fit | health level 100

Two weeks post San Francisco and I'm already slacking - gotta get back into running a few miles a day and actually going to yoga classes. Good thing I've got this Mira bracelet to keep me in check. The bracelet tracks how many miles I walk for the day - and reveals a digital analog time that's easy-to-read for my slow self. It's synced to an app on my phone to give me even more tips on how to keep my health level 100. 

And it's gorgeous, no?

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

PS: Relive the Nike Women + ClassPass half-marathon with me! 


the last stretch with classpass + nikewomen

Here's two new things - one from the archives and one from a few weeks ago. I'm growing into my hair a little more and really figuring out what works and what doesn't. Short hair is hard work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

If you're gonna go for the chop - my girl Lauren Thompson at Nunzio Saviano uptown is literally the s***. She also has the cutest dog in the world and if there's anyone in the world I trust: it's a woman with a love for dogs. 

But we're not here for all of this: My San Francisco half with ClassPass and Nike Women is literally right around the corner and how do I feel with quite possibly the hardest physical challenge of my life is a few days away?

ClassPass really set me up with all of the tools I needed to succeed: a rigorous 12-week training program, class suggestions, all the goodies to make my body as tip-top shape as could be. And I have to say, it really was a challenge balancing marathon training and a 9-5 - but hey, I did it. Through all of the sore days and the aimless running. I did it. 

I'll be doing a San Francisco vlog (obviously) and will be touching a little bit more on how I felt throughout the entire thing. 

But know one thing - no matter what my time is and whether I finish or not - I couldn't have done any of this without ClassPass, all the incredible sponsors that have supported me along the way and you guys. Friends, family, strangers - thank you.

As they say - see you at the finish line!

Photos by Ashley Jahncke



During NYFW this season, I had the pleasure of working with the incredible team at FSHNBNKR (Hi Kendall!) to show off their collection. They've got all of my favorite Australian brands that you wouldn't normally be able to get in the US - all under one proverbial e-commerce roof! 

So if you haven't checked them out yet, please do. Your closet will thank you. 

Sandro leather jacket
Adidas Stan Smiths

Photography: Ted Emmons