draped and ready

Photos by Landon
gifted Choies blazer  |  handmade T from Eli  |  gifted Alice & Pink skirt  |  ShoeMint shoes

I've been looking all my life for a skirt like this and was debating for while on splurging on the Helmut Lang version but when I received this skirt in the mail (and had to get the black one too!) - the fabric and the fit turned out to be just as luxurious as anything I could buy for $140 for a fraction of the price. The skirt can be dressed up or dressed down with a T and a blazer, it can be dressed sideways, backways, any way you think of. And it's in grey - possibly my favorite color ever.


more of this

Photos by Paulina
Forever21 dress  |  gifted Lavai Maria vintage slip  |  ShopKoshka Cheap Monday bag  |  IVORY+MASON sunglasses

More and more and more oriental prints please! Cant' get over this dress, it's got this amazing baggy silhouette that I can eat anything in. Yep. 

By the way, these sunglasses are my go-to for any and every outfit. IVORY+MASON have an incredible selection of vintage frames (without actually having to go vintage shopping) so there's gotta be one for you! Use KRISTEN50 for half off your first pair! 



Photos by Landon

Another one of my crazy obsessions, and this time it's with really asiatic, oriental prints. If you follow me on Instagram, you've already seen this one and this jacket right here - which I've worn all week. It's an incredibly perfect lightweight jacket for the transitional summer to fall weather that we're experiencing in New York. 


the kimono

Photos by Landon
Gypsy Warrior crop top  |  H&M sweat shorts (similar)  |  vintage Armani silk shirt  |  ShoeMint shoes

I've been sporting a crop top more days than socially accepted, and I'm so all right with that. And onto this kimono business, I don't own a legitimate kimono, but this silk shirt really does the trick. I found this oversized Armani vintage silk shirt way back when and took off the collar and voilĂ  - the easiest kimono DIY you've ever seen. 

Also, the perfect sunglasses are probably waiting for you at IVORY+MASON with the code KRISTEN50 for half off your first purchase!


same thing, different day

Photos by Angelito Jusay
Motel Rocks crop top (similar)  |  ASOS plaid skirt  |  Senso shoes

I'm not a photographer, though I take Landon's photos all the time. Because you know what? Just because you paid money for a fancy DSLR, it doesn't make you a professional photographer. Money doesn't buy you talent or skill. I met Angel through friends and had the pleasure of working with him on a quick shoot after work. Here are the results and boy, am I happy with them - the light, the movement (which he totally had to give me his expert direction on) - it's for sure one of my favorite shoots to date! 


a sweet weekend

#mjhoneyspots from my Instagram |  1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  

image via Raining Cake

This weekend, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a little black and yellow honey bee / butterfly in my photos and the ridiculously adorable use of the hashtag #mj honeyspots whenever it appeared. What was it? Well the mystery stops here. 

In celebration of Marc Jacob's Honey perfume, I used #mj honeyspots to take you around on a few of my favorite spots for my typical (alright, not so typical...) weekend! It always starts off at home, with a sweet, innocent little pup face, then it was off to a NYFW event to meet a few out-of-towners (even though I was just recovering from #fashionweak) and taking a little breather in my favorite neighborhood. Then it was off to an early start on Sunday on the road to Syracuse for Juice Jam to see Kendrick Lamar with a few faves and #mj honeyspots was there every step of the way. 

Share your favorite spots, whether it's in the city or around the neighborhood with #mj honeyspots, find out more information on their site

Bee a part of the fun! Pun totally intended. 


slipping into fall

Photos by Landon
Lavai Maria slip skirt  |  McGinn pullover  |  Alexander Wang bag  |  Nine West sandals

Currently writing you from my bed. No, not from NYFW or anything exciting like that, but my bed, with a 101 degree fever none the less. But yep, still got a blog post for y'all, and one of my favorites at that! 
You need an immense amount of patience when you're thrifting, but when someone hand-selects vintage pieces for you, it's just that much better. Lavai Maria is a vintage store in Williamsburg and after trying and loving everything there, I finally decided on this sheer slip skirt. It's such a great layering piece that transitions so nicely into fall. Stay tuned for another Lavai Maria crop top to make its appearance on here. God I've forgotten how much I love vintage. 

Lavai Maria
109 North 5th Street
Brooklyn, NY 11249

Speaking of vintage, remember those Ivory + Mason sunglasses that I've been wearing ritually? Now you can get 50% off your first pair on IVORY+MASON with the code KRISTEN50! What're you waiting for?