last minute

Photos by Landon

Thrifted silk tank  |  Zara dip dye jeans (similar skinnys)  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  Zara shopper bag

Bring sleepy Kristen, grumpy mornings and a few basic pieces with cool details together: this is what you get.

Old news, but still kinda relevant. Have you taken a tour of my room on Teen Vogue yet? It's messy, but it's home.

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i can transform ya

Photos by the best photographer/blogger friend in the world, Landon

Zara ombre ruffled dress (similar)  |  H&M oversized tank  |  H&M neon rhinestone necklace (similar)  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  3.1 Phillip Lim transformable jacket 

I don't know how I feel about you as a backpack. You're still cute though, Phillip Lim, you're still cute. 

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Photos by FashionGoggled

H&M scalloped chiffon tank  |  Urban Outfitters silk shorts  |  H&M metallic sandals 

If you've been in New York this past week - you'd know that the sweltering heat these past two days have been unbearable. It was quite a dilemma waking up in the morning and deciding what to wear, when I just didn't wanna wear anything. I chose the thinnest pairs of shorts I could find and easy sandals. Heels are not favorable because I'll end up sweating more, and that my friends, is not attractive. I threw my hair up into a messy bun and there you go, my tutorial on what to wear on a 90+ degree day in New York City. 

Here are a few snapshots of the Jimmy Choo 24:7 Stylemakers event a few weeks ago. Check out how much of a difference those 5 inch killer heels made. I still love those Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots though. They're absolutely perfect. Ahem, I'm a 38/39 if anyone just won the lotto. 



Photos by Landon

3.1 Phillip Lim transformable vest (same printed dress)  |  thrifted DIY lightwash shorts (I'd go for these)  |  Zara heels  |  Zara shopper tote

The splurge of the century had to be something that I've been eyeing since I saw it on Leandra, the ManRepeller, who has the denim one. Since then, I've been tossing and turning over it, over its oversized awesomeness, over its obvious practicality, over its cleverness - and I finally caved.

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night to day

Photos by Landon

c/o Oasap chambray polka dot shirt  |   American Eagle neon skinnys (similar)  |  H&M metallic sandals   (similar)  |  Club Monaco sleeveless moto vest  |  Zara shopper tote  |  H&M beaded necklace

The slight green trim on this chambray shirt just puts it right in the pajama ballpark - and yes, I like wearing pajamas, for an unorthodox night to day look. Also, I've been carrying this Zara shopper tote around everywhere, so much in fact, that I'm afraid it's gonna get dirty, real fast. How do I clean it?! #firstworldproblems

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garden party

Thanks San for the photos!

c/o Isabel Lu floral chiffon maxi (similar)  |  JCrew studded belt (similar) |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  ShopJeen spine necklace

I can't get over this Isabel Lu dress - if I could wear it all day, every day, I think I would. After my museum day trip with the lovely Ann of AndyHeart, I actually took a midday nap in this baby on my couch, sprawled out, being really attractive. I need to wear this to work one day, I know Landon would appreciate it. Even if I'm wearing a damn white T and jeans, he'll say that he likes it. That's another reason why I love the guy - besides the fact that he's an awesome photog. (#BBBforever) But no, this is the farthest from a Tshirt and jeans. Is someone getting married soon? Can I go to your wedding?


borrowing from the boys

Photos by Landon, bloggers who blog together, stay together.

Marc by Marc Jacobs T  |  thrifted hawaiian shorts (similar)  |  Zara heels  |  Forever21 acid wash bag  |  Zara neon rhinestone necklace (similar)

I decidedly went with shades of blue and grey in this outfit, but went in the complete opposite color palette direction with this Zara neon rhinestone necklace. Don't these shorts look like something that Landon would wear? Who says that girls can't wear guy shorts though? It's completely possible. Just roll up those cuffs until you've reached desired length and voilĂ  - instant paper bag shorts!

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cover up

Photos masterfully taken by Landon as always

Forever21 grey top (love this men's version)  |  thrifted floral chiffon maxi (similar here)  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  H&M beaded necklace

So much flow and comfort in this outfit, I could probably sleep in it.  
A quick post because honestly, I'm too tired and sore to type. Yes guys, I've started yoga. Follow me on Twitter to hear my complaints. No but really, don't be lazy like me.


cuckoo for jimmy choos

Photos taken by Landon (last photo by me)

vintage tent dress  |  Zara heels

That line's definitely been used one way or another - Jimmy Choos have been around since Sex and the City, and I don't mean the movie (for all you youngsters out there). I had the pleasure of attending their Choo247 event and got to try on as many of these gorgeous babies as I wanted. I fell in love with a pair of Jimmy Choo motorcycle boots, ironically, even though they're famous for their stilettos. I probably spammed Instagram with photos of my favorite pairs during that hour or two. I also wore an amazing sleeveless motorcycle vest from Club Monaco over this during the event, which probably won't be revealed until my next outfit post. It's on Instagram though!

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