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Photos by model/fashion blogger/friend, Landon

 thrifted plaid blazer (similar here)  |  Zara T (gorgeous one here)  |  JCrew jeans (similar here)  |  Zara heels  |  Ann Taylor crossbody

It's still not that warm in New York, so I've been involuntarily wearing sweaters and blazers to get me by. A jacket that I'm sure to be wearing a lot is this tweed blazer that I thrifted on Saturday. It's such a great lady-like piece, makes me feel all fancy and entitled, which are two traits that I'm not comfortable with - so to dress it down, I threw in a T-shirt (with a great open back), some distressed boyfriend-esque jeans and a pair of those rose gold Zara heels that you've all probably seen everywhere. It's got these great rose gold straps and 3 inch heels that make them so damn walkable - all hail Zara, they can seriously do no wrong!

Love ya'll!
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le debut

Photos taken by Paulina

Sam Edelman Yelena (buy here)  |  dark wash jeans c/o Big Star Jeans USA  |  American Apparel crop top (better here)  |  thrifted nude blazer (perfect one here)  |  H&M neon rhinestone necklace (amazing one here)

A simple outfit with a nude blazer, a white button down and a pair of easy Big Star jeans - I wanted my bling (yes, I just said that) neon rhinestone necklace and my new Sam Edelamn babies to shine. If you guys follow me on Instagram (@kristengracelam), you would've seen these pretty little gems first! They were my actual birthday present for myself, because apparently, turning 21 made me kind of ignorant to how much money I have in my bank account. These Sam Edelman Yelenas are the perfect marriage between comfort and beauty with its chunky heel and metal detail. I just couldn't resist adding this pair to my collection.

More to come soon!



Photos taken by Landon

thrifted gray T  |  Zara Hawaiian skirt  |  black strappy sandals 

It's kind of funny that my new favorite comfortable T advertises a show that I've never watched, but hey. It's the softest T-shirt I own. And tell me these pictures don't scream Hawaii. The colors, the sun, the skirt! This was part one (of ten?) of my birthday present to myself. I kind of splurged on this and you know what? No regrets. No regrets at all. 



H&M floral shirt  |  UO ruffle skirt (similar here)  |  Senso shoes  |  H&M necklace (similar concept here!) 

My birthday suit consisted of a girlier ruffled skirt under a floral silk shirt and my instant tough chic Senso shoes. Paulina gave me this awesome Flintstone-glam necklace and I've been wearing it the past couple days to work, to bed, to school. Yeah, I'm gonna rock Flintstone-glam until it's trendy - pun intended. 

By the way, it's been long overdue, but check out my Wiseling feature - some tips and tricks to intense vintage shopping. Head on over here and tell me what you think!

I'm reaaaaaaal excited to tell ya'll about what's coming up next!



Photos by the best, Landon.

chiffon blouse c/o sugarlips  |  Hot Topic ombre skinnys  |  buckle sandals  |  H&M metallic knit  |  UO suede satchel

Essentially, the two vertical pictures are the same thing, I look exactly the same in both - why I posted them up is beyond me. The awesome team at Sugarlips Apparel sent me this shirt and I've been waiting for the perfect weather to wear it since the back is extremely bare (which I'm obsessed with). It was also a great layering piece for the fall, the thin chiffon makes it easy to wear under sweaters and shirts, but I've never worn it by itself. Check the lace detail on the back, ya'll. Their new collection is up so be sure to check out their site - I'm lusting after a couple things myself. Poor wallet.

It was my birthday on Wednesday, the big 2-1 - so you can imagine the extravaganza that I had. I treated myself to goodies for my birthday and got a lot of awesome presents from friends and family - can't wait to show you guys my birthday suit in my next post! (well...not literally, you know what I mean)

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Photos by Paulina of chic-lux
Last photo by me

Zara ombre ruffled dress  |  UO ankle suede flatforms  |  H&M bar necklace  |  gold simple cross bracelet from Soho  |  pretty scalloped goodies c/o AdoreMe

Let's address my obsession for scalloped everything before we address my problem with ombre. My name is Kristen and I love scalloped hems, it's the perfect detail for anything, I think. AdoreMe caters to your style through a short survey and personalizes a showroom for you. They sent me this scalloped set that's beautiful and functional enough for everyday wear. Come on, guys. Say it with me - scalloped everything!

My second problem is ombre. I live it, breath it, love it. It was 87 degrees in New York City and to celebrate - I broke out the prettiest dress that I had, it was just sitting in my closet waiting for spring to happen. With the tags still on, I snipped them off and slipped this baby on. 
This easily became one of my favorite dresses of all time.



Photos taken by the man himself, FashionGoggled.

H&M metallic knit  |  thrifted lace top  |   American Eagle neon jeggings  |  Nine West sandals

Yes, I've done it. I've gone to the dark side - I'm wearing jeggings. But when I saw this pair - the color, the fit - I almost died of happiness. I had a photoshoot with Wiseling today at a vintage store near work. This fabulous feature is on reworking vintage clothing that can sometimes be intimidating. I did my best with the pieces that I selected and the girl, Karin, that photographed me was all too sweet. We went to an afternoon macaron and coffee date afterwards, which was well-documented for all my poor Instagram followers - will let you guys know when the post goes live! 



Photos taken so artfully by Landon M.

H&M tank and sweater  |  vintage Ralph Lauren skirt  |  Nine West sandal heels

I was debating on whether or not to use these high exposure photos, but decided for them - had to show ya'll this skirt! I thrifted this skirt a while ago and have been waiting to wear it this season. It's made of some magically soft woven silk that has got to be the work of a classic, Ralph Lauren. The print was what drew me in, an aztec feel with a sort of Greek influence (eh, my opinion). For those of you that are looking for pretty tissue-thin tanks, H&M might be the place for you. I found this gorgeous tank in an in-between mint and turquoise color for less than $20 - I should've hoarded every color in the store!

Oh spring break, please slow down. You're zooming by. 
(On a brighter note, expect more frequent outfit posts this week!)



Photos by Landon aka Fashion Goggled

H&M sweater and floral pants  |  Zara flats

It was an extremely hectic day yesterday - woke up ridiculously late, blindly threw on this oversized sweater and statement pants (because oversized sweaters are simple and effortless), drove to the city to avoid public transportation hell, spent the entire day packing goodies at work to send out for a few darling bloggers. I barely had time to have coffee (and if you know me, coffee practically flows through my veins). Being that it was my first time driving to the city, the yellow cabs were too aggressive for my suburban driving - needless to say, I will not be doing that again.