fine lines

Photos by Landon
Warby Parker Everett  |  thrifted top  |  thrifted shorts  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  Twistband tie  |  Zara bag

There's nothing like a good thrift find that reminds you of why you loved thrifting in the first place. This shirt's gonna be in constant rotation with its subtle stripes. Also, I've added another pair of sunglasses to my collection of 2 and counting. I thought I'd be doomed to a life of aviators and wayfarers (which really doesn't sound bad) - but with the introduction of these slightly boxier Warby Parkers into my life, I think I might start venturing out. Maybe these Jaspers will be my next pick. 


vibrant summer

Photos by Landon
H&M necklace  |  H&M skirt  |  Zara heels (similar)  |  Alexander Wang bag

Rocking a vibrant giraffe print and a statement necklace with a few of my wardrobe staples - white T, strappy black sandals and my trusty Wang. #HMSummer y'all. 


costa rica | 1

A few inches shorter, a couple shades darker and I'm back from Costa Rica guys! Here are a few snaps from the trip. I wore this Civil Clothing snapback because I've figured out that hats really do protect your face (even when worn backwards) and obviously had to pack my Westward Leaning sunglasses and Twistbands along with me for awkward, half naked but obligatory poolside. The resort was beautiful and the food (the guacamole is incomparable) was unlimited so don't be too alarmed if a couple pounds add onto my face. 

Costa Rica was just too beautiful to limit to one post. Stay tuned for another!


royal mesh

Photos by Landon
gifted Living Royal sweater  |  Club Monaco skirt  |  Zara bag  |  gifted Westward Leaning sunglasses via Modavanti  |  ASOS flatforms 

When you snip off 7 inches of your hair, it takes some time getting used to. By now, it's grown a little and I'm starting to like it. This Living Royal sweater fits perfectly into my summer white wardrobe and is airy enough for the New York summer. 


cats on everything

Photos by Landon
gifted Civil Clothing kitten swimsuit  |  thrifted overalls (similar)  |  Zara heels (similar)

That first picture was a gem, there was a lady passing behind me with a huge mattress over her head and Landon proceeded to start cracking up, so I did too. When I first got this swimsuit from Civil Clothing, I was apprehensive about how I'd be styling these two super adorable kittens. But it was 90+ degrees on this day, so it wouldn't have been more perfect to wear a swimsuit outdoors after slapping on a pair of thrifted, DIY distressed overalls.

Note: This is pre-Costa Rica and pre-haircut. So now I'm a little tanner and a little fatter from that damn buffet and unlimited guacamole. Yeah guys. I got a haircut. Prepare yourselves.


clean lines

Photos by Landon
gifted Lulu's overalls  |  Urban Outfitters grey T  |  Zara heels  |  gifted Gypsy Warrior necklace  |  Alexander Wang Rocco

I never thought that a pair of vertical striped overalls would be a staple in my closet, but they kinda are. I wore these at least three times this week and totally not ashamed of it. But then again, you know me - anything goes with a grey T. 

I haven't been keeping up with the blog lately as much as I could be, but I've been brainstorming a schedule for y'all now that summer's coming up and there's more free time on the weekends - but hey, exciting posts coming up. Costa Rica's next week and there's gotta be some incredible sights there right?