caught up in cash mob

Photos by Landon and Paulina
thrifted net dress  |  gifted nameplate from Onecklace  |  Senso shoes  |  Zara bag

An all black look isn't complete without a little bit of texture with this fishnet business that I thrifted with the sunflower top. Also bringing back the nameplate from middle school y'all. 

If you're like me, then Black Friday and sample sales probably give you intense anxiety. I mean shopping is supposed to be stress-relieving and an altogether enjoyable time. Instead, during these things - people are pitted against each other and in the end, all that stress probably isn't worth it. 

Wanted to tell you guys about a pretty exciting new app called Plurro, which lets anyone create Cash Mobs - essentially benefiting everyone. The more people that join, the more discount there is at your favorite story. And get this, these include restaurants! (And you know how much I love to eat...)

Anyway, they're having a huge Cash Mob at Second Time Around, the vintage destination in new York for huge discounts on Jimmy Choo, Louis Vuitton, Manolo Blahnik and all that jazz. The current discount is guaranteed at 20% off, but if 25-50 people sign on to come to the Cash Mob, the discount will increase to 25%; if 50 or more people sign up, the discount will climb again to 30% off. 

Cash Mob Details
WhereSecond Time Around, 238 West 72nd Street, New York, NY
When: Thursday August 1, 2013; 4pm - 8pm
Who: Anyone can join the Cash Mob using Plurro's app, available on the Web at www.plurro.com or for iPhone in the App Store


  1. Love that Zara bag! You're such a cutie :)


  2. I completely agree about Black Friday (though gotta love those Cyber Monday sales!). I am moving to NYC next year and will look forward to checking out Second Time Around for those discounts. (: