plaid + pinstripes

Photos by Paulina 
Line & Dot jacket  |  The Garage Thrift vintage plaid shirt  |  H&M pinstripe pants (similar)  |  Zara hat (similar)

Well hello fall, I'm not quite sure if I missed you. I'd like you to stay at a nice 50 to 60 degree weather - either sunny or overcast. Nothing worse than that please. 

Anyway, plaid and pinstripes, do they work? In my mind they do. The pinstripes are subtle enough to treat as a pair of jeans and I can see that this pair will do quite nicely during the colder months when I can no longer stand wearing skinny jeans or a ripped boyfriend pair. This plaid shirt fits like a damn dream, just right and snug on the shoulders, but loose enough so that I can breathe and eat like a boy. 

A little bit on The Garage Thrift, besides the fact that babe who started it has been a friend since middle school, it's a finely curated site of vintage pieces for those of you who might be too lazy to sift through vintage and thrift stores at sick prices. And when I say sick, I mean that in a good way. 

Use the promo code WELCOME15 for 15% off your first order! Not sure what you're still doing reading this post. 


minju kim x h&m

Photos by Paulina
gifted Minju Kim x H&M jacket  |  Line & Dot jumpsuit (also available on Revolve)

This Minju Kim and H&M collaboration was inspired by Japanese manga cartoons, which was a brief obsession back in the days with yours truly. Minju Kim's designs for this collection play on different, anomalous shapes (and you know I love a good ambiguous silhouette!), incredible bright, pastel jewel-toned colors and a wonderfully cartoonish vibe that's just so unique. 

I paired this cropped jacket from the collection with my favorite, trusty black jumpsuit and a pair of heels. It's definitely more of a night-time look but hey, in New York, is there really a difference? 

"Creating this collection with H&M has been an amazing experience. My designs are about turning characters into outfits, and it's exciting to think that these characters will soon be worn by people around the world." - Minju Kim 

Well there you go, guys. Head over to Opening Ceremony, online at H&M's UK site or select H&M stores in and around the city to shop the collection. 


the first of many

Photos by Landon
Forever21 quilted jacket  |  thrifted dress  |  vintage acid wash shirt (similar)  |  Forever21 shoes  |  Zara hat

An all black attire with a little grunge-y detail to ring in the season. Oh and did I mention that this Zara hat is the start of my new collection? I'm sure I'll be obsessively purchasing more hats to add to it!

Have the best Friday, guys!


introduction | the kara collection

Untitled #21

Minimal with its clean silhouettes and no-fuss shapes. Edgy with its exposed zippers. A bit masculine with its textured pebbled leather. All less than $1,000? Yeah. I'm sold. 


disposable memories

Just a few shelved summer memories (and a few recent ones) brought back by Cindy's disposable camera - being kids and swinging around on a playground with Becca + Cindy in the middle of the night, an overheated yard sale where we happily spent more money than we made and a summer movie night by the Hudson that ended with us wrapping ourselves in the blanket. Human burrito. Bam. 


headfirst into fall

Photos by Landon
thrifted denim shirt  |  Gypsy Warrior acid wash jeans  |  vintage Salvatore Ferragamo shoes  |  Line & Dot jacket  |  Zara scarf 

There we go, the layers are coming back. Unnecessarily early, but I don't mind it. 

Happy Monday, y'all!


shini of park & cube

All photos credited to Park & Cube 

Shini from Park & Cube is one of my ultimate blog obsessions, even before I started this lil ol' thing. The lifestyle photography speaks volumes, but once you check out her style - obsession wouldn't be an accurate word to describe how inspirational she is. Shini turns the most mundane objects into beautiful, extraordinary photographs and her personal style is hard to describe. She pairs interesting silhouettes with gorgeous prints and patterns. She's also mastered menswear, sportswear - did I mention that she's also got some pretty incredible DIY projects?  


offsetting sequins

Parker New York sequin top (in love with this one)  |  Zara cat bowler hat  |  Forever21 cutout booties 

Offsetting a full sequin top with boyfriend jeans and black cutout booties. Oh, and forgot about the cat hat - kind of insanely good right? This baby is the second to join my hat collection (which includes a whole two hats altogether) and I'm in love with it. Even more so because Claire was vibing across the country in her cat hat too.



These iPhone covers from ANICASE are undoubtedly the cutest thing you've seen all day - but a portion of ANICASE's proceeds from these cases go to each species of endangered animals that the case features - the inside of each case tells you just a little something about the animal that your efforts are going towards (the one on my phone now is the helarctos malayanus, or the honey bear!)


birthday tribute

All photos from FashionGoggled

If you're are wondering how I made it this far on my blog, it's probably because of Landon

If you're wondering why I don't have a blogger photographer boyfriend (like every other blogger on this planet), it's because Landon can most likely take better photos than my boyfriend ever could. 

If it weren't for you, this little blog could never have gotten the exposure that it did. If it weren't for you, I'd have gone crazy a while ago (thanks for keeping me sane!). If it weren't for you, I wouldn't have known such style, such personality, such character. I blame you for holding me to such a high standard when it comes to menswear and you'll always be my #BBB!

His Instagram | you can expect tons of vintage washed photos (selfies galore, but trust me, you won't mind it)
His Twitter | insightful raves about Missy Elliott, Solange and rap music. 

Happy birthday, Landon!!


to the rescue

Photos by Landon
ShopKoshka white dress  |  thrifted loafers

I can't, for the life of me, remember where this sweater is from. Good thing Urban Outfitters always comes to the rescue with a bunch of similar sweaters here, here and here. This has got to be the ultimate fall outfit, throw on a short dress and an oversized sweater with your favorite short boots or loafers.


asos under 100

Untitled #20

If you're a New Yorker, you know all about the hardships of commuting. High heels and stilettos just aren't optimal for those dirty subway stations and cracked New York City sidewalks. But then again, can you really handle 12 plus hours stomping around in 4 inch heels? Probably not.

ASOS has the perfect solution - well, solution(s). I picked a few of my favorites from their sale section and they're all so, so reasonably priced (as ASOS always is). We've got the brights and prints for your eclectic side, but we've also got some basic black heels and sandals for every day wear.

I'll be dropping some major hints to loved ones these next few days. Early birthday and Christmas presents are welcome.


i just love your flashy ways

Photos by Landon

In light of October and the holiday that we all know and love, here's a mermaid inspired outfit that I was proud to sashay around in on the streets of New York from one of my favorite brands ever. 


cut it out, put it on

Breaking news: less than 24 hours ago, I unpacked these undeniably Wang-esque Forever21 sleek cutout booties from their box. Less than an hour ago, I posted them on my Instagram. And now, they're on my blog. I'd say that's about the fastest turnaround rate ever. 


blush tones

From my Instagram

Blush toned goodness from these past few weeks that you might've missed on Instagram. The perfect sequin maxi (that I never knew I needed) from Line & Dot, cronuts - the real deal that I waited on line for at 6:15 in the morning - from none other than the Dominique Ansel Bakery, a gorgeous Naked Princess bralette from the Bollare preview and a couple of dark hot chocolates with Jaclyn that was the perfect mid-day half an hour pick-me-up.


across all verticals

Photos by Landon
Cool Change palazzo pants  |  gifted RD Style sweater

A real simple outfit in the midst of a busy farmer's market in Union Square, is it the weekend yet?