go team, go

Photos by Landon
H&M jacket  |  gifted customized Vinyl Nation tee  |  Big Star USA jeans  |  Senso shoes  |  gifted Lulu's ear cuff

There's something exhilarating about an all black outfit, it's absolutely thoughtless but yet comes together so well no matter what you wear. I threw in a new favorite oversized H&M jacket for texture and this new T I got as a birthday present. It's not exactly a Les Plus DorĂ©s shirt but hey, I'm on team Lam. It fits so perfectly, I'm tempted to wear it everyday. 


birthday suit

Photos by Landon
Waldrip floral blazer  |  random boutique crop top  |  gifted Gypsy Warrior acid skinnys  |  Senso shoes  |  gifted Gypsy Warrior necklace

Despite my serious-ish face in this post, this year has really been one of the best birthdays I've had - but then again, that's what everyone says every year when their birthday comes around. Yes, this year - my birthday suit is a little more scandalous with the cut-out crop top but the tailored floral blazer pulls it all together, doesn't it? This Waldrip blazer might just be a new favorite, yep. 


take a walk

Photos by Landon
Civil Clothing camo tee  |  Sugarlips jacket  |  H&M skirt  |  Elizabeth & James flatforms

I've been waiting for the first few days of spring so that I could wear these ankle-breaking babies. I bought these flatforms last year and they've been sitting on the floor of my room, collecting dust and catching glimpses from everyone that passes it by. Yes, they're a look. They're definitely a look. But paired with a go-to camo tee and an embroidered white jacket, they fall quite perfectly in the mix. 


vintage heaven

Photos by Landon

I have to get back into the groove of thrifting and hunting for those vintage pieces. I used to live on it - more than half my wardrobe was comprised of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces! I'll probably be stopping by the Manhattan Vintage Show this weekend (Friday and Saturday at the Metropolitan Pavilion at 125 West 18th Street!) to get my vintage groove back. This gorgeous rosette dress really caught my eye with the silhouette, and you know that I gravitate towards anything sheer. 

If any of you are heading over there, shoot me a tweet at @kristengracelam - let's meet up!


party on fifth ave

Photos by Landon & Paulina
H&M skirt (similar full skirt)  |  Sam Edelman Trinas

If you can't tell already, I've been obsessing over full skirts - they're perfect for the spring because they're not too short or too long. The all white look could be intimidating, but throw on some denim and it's instantly casual. Also, my hair's getting way too long for my own good, thoughts on a drastic change? I'm thinkin' leaving the straight hair business and going with waves.


hey there, hollywood

Photos by Landon
Civil Clothing tank  |  dad's vintage leather bomber  |  H&M boyfriend jeans (similar)  |  Rebecca Minkoff crossbody  

I'm starting to believe that guys' clothes are starting to look better on me than girl's clothes. More often than not, I find myself wandering around in the men's section anyway. I've had this leather bomber from my dad for a while, because let's face it - as much as I love him, my sweet little Asian dad would not fare well in public if he was trying to rock this leather jacket again. Good thing we're about the same size (not quite sure if that should be a good thing for me) and the leather's just broken down to a soft, buttery feel, perfect to pair with the coolest tank from Civil Clothing for this New York chick that really - deep down - just wants to be in California for a while.


july in april

Photos by Landon
Wildfox Couture cropped sweater  |  Big Star USA overalls  

I jumped the gun a little bit with summer, there's something inherently July 4th about the American flag  that makes it a little nuts to wear it any other time. I say screw the rules - wear white after Labor Day. Wear the same shirt twice (with a different outfit, of course). Wear gold and silver together. Heck, wear that flag during a snowstorm if you want to. Wear whatever gives you confidence. 


neutral camo

Photos by Landon
Target camo shirt  |  Forever21 khakis  |  Kelsi Dagger shoes from Lulu's

I like grey. I like camo. I'd like to think that when I came across this shirt on a late night spontaneous Target trip (as those often do happen), it was destiny.