quiksilver delicates

ph. by Landon of FashionGoggled

Quiksilver sleeveless blouse  |  Quiksilver silk dress  |  thrifted Coach heels

New York has hit us with a bout of breezy transitional fall weather that taunts me and reminds me of spring. So I layered up with chiffon and silk, I can't stop wearing this horse printed Quiksilver top, it adds detail without overpowering any outfit - which is weird, because you'd think a full-on horse print would be the statement piece. The people at Quiksilver are really doing something right. If you catch me on the weekends walking around, chances are, I'll be wearing this shirt, and that's the truth. 

Quiksilver Women has a campaign called Traveling Sweaters, where different bloggers style one sweater a few different ways and it gets passed down to each blogger. Cute idea, huh? Their Sweater Weather event the other night was such a hit, and the d├ęcor? Adorable. 


muted mondays

Skilled photography by Landon of FashionGoggled

oversized Zara tank  |  Zara skort  |  Brandy Melville bra  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  gifted Style Queen bracelet and necklace worn as bracelet (bracelet version here!)

I like to go for these no-fuss outfits sometimes. I threw on an oversized Zara tank - a large, I believe - and a Zara skort, my favorite bralette and Trinas for a full day at work and a long night at a friend's party. To jazz it up, I wore two Style Queen pieces for a chunky arm party. They're gonna be on my arm alot, so get used to them. The rhinestones really just make this outfit, don't they? 


lost in translation: dos

Photos by Landon of FashionGoggled

Quiksilver fleece  |  gifted Koshka printed dress  |  thrifted Coach heels  |  gifted leather satchel from Michelle of Queens Subject

The second episode to my Lost in Translation dress needed to be casual, inconspicuously wearable for a normal work day without people in the office noticing and saying "hey, you've worn that before right?". I threw on this Quiksilver short-sleeved sweater and I fooled everyone. If you stop me on the street and ask me what color I like the most, I'd say grey - grey neutralizes everything for me. The shortened version of this outfit post? Throw a grey sweater over your favorite dress, it'll be a really good look. Trust me. 


subtle luxury on the best hair day

Photos by Landon!

Subtle Luxury cashmere sweater  |  thrifted shift dress  |  Sam Edelman Trinas  |  hair c/o ghd North America x Sephora 

Subtle Luxury by name and nature screams luxurious comfort and although you can't see it, this cashmere sweater was all that and more for a long night at the Sephora and ghd North America event last night. A quick run out of the store gave me a chance to photograph this gorgeous sweater that kept me warm on a surprisingly cool August day. I'll be styling this sweater in another post as well, this time, with a little more glam and sequins (hint hint). 

My hair? It's not normally like this, but boy did ghd North America hook me up with some awesome locks! I'm not sure how often my hair will get treated like this, but I might just go and snag myself one of their adorable stylers from Sephora. I'm sold! 

Just a quick blog update, sometimes short and simple does the trick!


lost in translation: uno

Photos by Landon of FashionGoggled

gifted Koshka printed dress  |  gifted Oasap claw earrings  |  gifted Oasap spiked bracelet  |  Sam Edelman Trinas 

When I saw this dress on Koshka, I knew that it would be an instant hit. I'd attribute its gorgeous printed texture to mirror that of a Mexican blanket turned figure-skater dress. It just hugs me in all the right places without being too constricting. The back dips low just right and the length is short enough to throw on my trusty Trinas and be on my way. I've already worn this dress a few times over the weekend since I've received it and I've gotten a few musings about what else I'd wear with such a statement dress.

So I'm starting a series (appropriately titled 'uno, dos, tres') in which I'll style one piece, this Ladakh Lost in Translation Dress, three different ways.  I'm hoping to give you, my lovely readers, a few ideas on conquering that one unique, statement piece with a fresh eye because let's face it, repeating outfits is a necessary evil that we can work around. 



Photos snapped by Landon of FashionGoggled

H&M white dress  |  Uniqlo polka dot dress (similar)  |  Zara shopper tote  |  vintage Ferragamo flats 

This post is full of sweet deals. First, I picked up this pretty little thing at Uniqlo on sale for $9.90 in a medium. If the medium is this short, I can't imagine what the small must fit like. Sometimes the line between a dress and a top blurs so much that the only option is to just wear a longer slip or dress underneath and call it a day. And of course, these gorgeous vintage Ferragamo flats that I debuted on Instagram when I first found them in my size in the corner of a vintage store for $25. A girl's gotta have at least one pair of simple flats to truck around in - might as well be Ferragamos!


the easy way

Photos by Landon of FashionGoggled 
Camera provided by Dara (who will soon have her own blog!)

ASOS top  |  Zara distressed denim  |  Zara slingbacks (similar flat versions)

There's nothing difficult about this outfit. Distressed denim from Zara that I've worn here with a few extra character rips and a top from ASOS that I've had for as long as I can remember and those shoes - oh yes, those Alexander Wang inspired shoes - that you're most likely gonna see on every blogger, including two of my personal faves, Steph and Ann. Sometimes, on days where public transportation just doesn't work with you and it's the beginning of the week, you've just gotta take the easy way out. This is it, people. 


summer layers

Photos by FashionGoggled 

Zara shirt  |  Club Monaco vest (army version)  |  gifted Wet Seal lace shorts  |  Zara heels  |  gifted Boostcase Hybrid case  |  gifted Style Queen wrapped bib necklace 

80 degree weather in New York means bundle up, layer up. These lace crochet shorts are now my new favorite pair, they're the most comfortable and add the perfect amount of texture. Style Queen gifted me the perfect statement collar necklace, I just couldn't wait to wear it. I spent hours perusing through their site and their bracelets - particularly this, this and this - might actually get me back into arm parties. Here's hoping!