Photos by the incredible, edible Landon

Gap leather jacket (similar here) | Zara shirt | American Apparel red zip jeans | Senso shoes | Thrifted gold choker | c/o Glam Rock rose gold watch (buy here)

You're also looking at a new digital media assistant! I am officially a working girl, and I'm completely honored and humbled to be joining the Bollare team. They've been so nice and so welcoming, I couldn't ask for more!

So to celebrate my new job, I've got some extremely loud pants. I'm obsessed with them though! I paired it with this Zara shirt that's pretending to be a damn abstract painting, but it's oh so pretty.

And for those who follow me on Instagram (@kristenglam), you'd know that I've been wearing this rose gold watch from Glam Rock Watches almost every single day. You're probably sick of it. Can you blame me though?



Photos taken by Landon

Pavonine asymmetric black shirt | Forever 21 sheer maxi (similar here) | Zara maroon booties | Jewelmint Blush Bomb Ring | Forever 21 sideways cross ring (similar here)

This was yesterday's outfit, it was 60 degrees in NYC and I had to celebrate with something sheer and a photo shoot in the park.

I'm obsessed with asymmetry, as you can tell by my previous posts. It's so different and unique! So this black Pavonine top in a soft jersey was just made for me.

I'll keep you guys posted. I'll be sharing some very important exciting changes on Monday! I can barely keep my mouth shut! :)
Thanks for following, 'til then!

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Photos taken by the man behind FashionGoggled

thrifted plaid jacket | H&M chiffon shirt | UO skinnys | Matt Bernson leopard loafers (similar here) | thrifted leather briefcase (similar here)

One of my close friends from Canada came down to New York City to visit, so I mooched (a bit) and stayed at her hotel for a night. So yes, I'm wearing the same shoes and this outfit isn't as va-va-voom and I'd like it to be. That's the thing with sleeping over, you've got to only bring essentials and light clothes.

I thrifted this jacket a couple days ago and I love it! It's just the right amount of plaid, and I love the sleeves and the color. The briefcase fits my laptop so perfectly, it's ridiculous. I can tell this baby's gonna be on my arm a lot.

And I hope you guys liked the picture where the lady just walked by. I thought it was hilarious, so I posted it up there too. Hehe

I have a lot of awesome announcements for you guys soon! Stay tuned!

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Photos taken by Landon of FashionGoggled

thrifted light wash denim shirt - H&M gold sweater (similar here) - dark wash skinny jeans - Matt Bernson leopard loafers (similar here) - thrifted army vest

Picked up this pretty little gold thing the other day at H&M and I've been dying to wear it. Finally decided to pair it with everything simple, except for my leopard loafers, which I've had for a while, before the loafer trend (or the leopard trend!) was cool and hip.

I've also been wearing this army green vest religiously, over anything and everything, until everyone was sick of it. If you follow me on Instagram (@kristenglam) or Twitter, you'd see this baby popping up almost everyday.

If you're loving this outfit in any way, you know what to do!
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And I'd really like to thank you guys for your support through following and comments. This blog's barely 3 months old and the fact that it's gotten as far as it is right now means so much. It's all because of you guys! So here's to you, beautiful people. You rock.



Updates and exciting news!

As hopefully many of you know, I intern at a fashion PR and communications firm called Bollare, and I was lucky enough to go to my first fashion show during NYFW! The designer's name is Ivana Helsinki.

I had to take photographs for the afterparty (people were packed in there like sardines in a can!) and I missed the entire show. But here are some shots that I took of a model during the runthrough and Ivana Helsinki's new flagship store in Nolita before the party.

Lusting after the neon chiffon shirts and the chambray polka dots, aren't you? Perfect for Spring!

And of course, my outfit for today, which was pretty damn monochromatic, I'm feeling completely sick and under the weather. Some people on Twitter are calling it the #fashionweekflu, whatever it may be. It's got me.

Today was all about layering, layering and more layering! (Isn't it always?)

BY THE WAY! My smart ass stepped on a nail and it went right through my shoe and stabbed my foot. So these pictures right here? I was in complete pain, my foot bleeding into the napkin stuffed into my shoe, does it show? This is what we call hashtag blogger problems.

The ridiculous things I do...

Thrifted printed oversized sweater (similar here)
Thrifted DIY leather vest (similar here)
BCBG sheer sleeved cardigan (similar here)
Nylon pleather panel leggings (similar here)
Matiko studded loafers (buy here)
AA acid wash circle scarf (cheaper here)
Thrifted DIY leather satchel
H&M cage ring (similar here)
Yves Saint Laurent Adventurine ring

That was a mouthful. I should have warned you guys that this post was gonna be a long one.

I'm also thrilled to share with you guys my first blog feature from StyledOn over here! They've featured Julie Sarinana from SincerelyJules and Aimee Song from Song of Style, so to be featured among those huge inspirations of mine was humbling. Click on the link! You can read up on my fashion FAQ and my ramblings, as if you don't get enough already.

Photos are taken by Landon as always, who also acted as my nurse today.

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MINKPINK leopard jumper (buy here)
H&M denim shirt (similar here)
Club Monaco faux fur jacket (similar here)
taupe slouch socks (similar here)
Forever 21 black zip wedges (buy similar here)
Vintage gold choker (buy similar here)

This is my Valentine's Day outfit, leopard and fur, totally gonna get some hot dates tonight!

I recently bought the MINKPINK sweater and faux fur jacket and I'm in love with them. I've been wearing the fur jacket everyday because it helps me survive this crazy NYC winter we've got going on.

The thing with fur jackets is that you have to get something that looks relatively real, nothing too fake. That's why you might have to spend a little more on a jacket, if a fur jacket is retailed at $20, there's something wrong... Fur is classic! Splurge a little, you won't regret it!

Photos by my partner in crime, Landon from Fashion Goggled



Zara sequin collar (similar here)
Thrifted vintage sweater (similar here)
BDG skinny jeans (Urban Outfitters)
Rose socks (similar here)
Vintage loafers (similar here)
H&M cage ring (similar here)
Vintage Cyma gold watch (similar here)

Can you guys tell that I'm obsessed with collars? Can ya?

I thought that I'd keep the rest of my outfit pretty simple and neutral. Let me know what you guys think!

Onto more important things...NYFW is coming up! And guess who's going to her first fashion show ever? I love being an intern. Love love love. Will update with a lot of Instagrams and photos, obviously. But for more updates, follow me on Twitter! I tweet unhealthily.

Photos taken by the stylish Landon from FashionGoggled
I keep forgetting to give him credit! He's an amazing photographer, even though he says he's an amateur. One thing I envy about him? The way he puts together outfits, the color, the layers, it makes me wanna be a man and wear pants and dress shirts all the time.



H&M sheer T, thin gold bar necklace (similar here) and bracelet, HT ombre jeans (buy here), aerie neon bralette (similar here), Senso shoes (similar here), Forever 21 filigree cuff (similar here)

I thought I'd go a little brave today and go for a sheer paneled T with a neon bralette. This bra has no support whatsoever but I'm absolutely in love with the color. Paired it with my neon filigree cuff, minimal jewelry and my new ombre jeans, which I am in love with and have been wearing everyday since I got them.

I cleaned up my blog a bit, did some housekeeping, consolidated a lot of links to make your experience on my blog a little more pleasant.

I've also included links to where you can buy some pieces of my outfit, a couple of you have emailed me asking me where I got certain outfits etc, so I thought I'd make it easier on you guys and include links above to whatever I can find!

Happy shopping all!
Let me know what you guys think.

Photos taken by FashionGoggled.