minimalist by force

Photos by Alvin

On the rare occasion that I do step out of the house before noon on a weekend, I'll choose the simplest outfit. This time, it's this easy white shift dress and my favorite long sweater - which proved to be way warmer than expected.

Forever21 sweater (similar)
Proenza Schouler bag



Never not wearing / carrying / loving these things. And that's pretty amazing, you know. Finding things / people that you love on the daily.

Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews watch
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living in it

Photos by Alvin

Living in this shirt. Living in these shoes. And you already know I'm living in this bag. Done, done and done. Not much to say on a Monday morning, is there?

Proenza Schouler bag


night to day and again

Photos by Alvin

So my girls over at Girls Off Fifth were going to Morocco and had bought this amazing crop from Topshop that was just so fitting. I fell in love with the crochet details and the neckline and literally had to run to Topshop to find one of the last ones in my size. I wore it for a night out, immediately wore it again the next morning and wanted to wear it again and again. Can you blame me?

vintage cutoffs


fire island

A few snaps from last weekend in Fire Island. It's crazy how one day at the beach can significantly improve my skin tone, by the end of the summer, it seems like the direction that I'm headed - I'll be nice and toasted by the end of the summer.

Oh, and pay no mind to my phone. It's on its last few lives.

Happy Friday, all!

J. Crew cover up (similar)


navy overcoat

Photos by Alvin

Every girl needs a pair of high waisted denim shorts in their closet. Never mind if guys don't like 'em (sorry Alvin). They're flattering and go with everything. This pair for example? Stolen from my sister's closet and I wore them 3 days in a row this weekend. #yolo

thrifted shorts
Proenza Schouler mini PS11
Tibi sandals 


into the woods we go

So I didn't make it to California on account of a really unfortunate situation that was poorly handled by Virgin America. Delays on delays on delays and just incompetency all around.

Here's another collab with my favorite person. I wouldn't even call this another collaboration with Zach - he's been my friend since high school and any project with him is mostly fun for me. A few weeks ago, we ventured out to Port Washington and into the woods we went. He made me trek on leaves (and poison ivy look-a-likes) and step over God-knows-what in the middle of the stream. But hey, the photos came out incredible as always and I'd be down to do more.

This Addison romper is functional and breathable and fits me like a glove. I'll need this in every pattern / every color please.


varsity blues

Forever 21 tank | Proenza Schouler mini
Alexander Wang sunglasses and Gabriela Artigas thin cage cuff via lustcovetdesire

Having some major old school flashback in my WOODWOOD varsity jacket from lustcovetdesire and a pair of thrifted shorts that was a serious find during a lunch trip to Salvation Army (uh, yes. I thrift). Ok and about this Venessa Arizaga shark tooth necklace from lustcovetdesire - did I really need another one? Yes. The answer is yes I did.

Best believe I'll be packing most of this outfit to Cali tomorrow. See y'all there?


travel sized beauty

I'll be off in a day or two for a quick weekend trip to LA and figured I'd dive into a few travel sized beauty must-haves in my gigantic Alexander Wang makeup bag that I paid too much for.

WILDFOX sleep mask (thanks The Platform YT!) | I have some weird bouts of insomnia and sleep masks help. They really do.

L'Occitane volumizing shampoo + conditioner | If I'm gonna be in 100+ degree heat in California, my hair's gonna need some volume.

L'Occitane roll-on deodorant | Talk about travel size, this deodorant is itty-bitty and it rolls on clear (so no funny (marks) business).

L'Occitane almond hand cream | It'll make your hands smell absolutely delicious. Trust me.

Buckler's chapped skin + lip remedy | One can never have enough chapstick or body lotion - I live on this.

Tarte mini cheek stain | Huge fan of the full-sized version of this, and this little one is just way cuter.

Tarte Marccuja C-brighter eye treatment | For those late nights that do heavy damage on my dark circles.

Tangle Teezer compact brush | Run it through your hair post-shower and pre-whatever your normal hair care routine is. It works wonders.

Also when you get a chance, grab a mini Altoid box of mints, and then when you finish it (which I'm sure you will), keep it for your jewelry. It's a perfect fit for my MIRLO and Lust Covet Desire rings and things.

Keep up with me this weekend on Instagram - 'til then!