do you believe in magic?

Photos by Emily Malan

Do you believe in magic? I do now. Thanks to French Connection and the shopping gods for helping me find these pair of perfect Celine boots in just my size. 

And my first vlog is up! Hope you're inside and warm on this Saturday afternoon. Or out and about and bundled. Whatever works. 

Zara lace slip dress
Proenza Schouler crossbody (grey version here)


wang x hm

Photos by Alvin

This is what we've all been waiting for, right? Tomorrow's the big day and at 8am, the doors will open and you'll all be able to shop the coveted Alexander Wang and H&M collection! Honestly, H&M always kills it with their basics and Alexander Wang is the king of 'em - so it makes sense. I wore this shirt as a dress, got it in a medium and layered a lace romper underneath so I'm not completely naked in 50 degree weather.

Anyone waking up bright and early for this collection?

Alexander Wang x H&M shirt (worn as a dress - medium!)
Jeffrey Campbell boots


PGI x refinery29

Just before the summer ended, I got the chance to visit the PGI headquarters and play with a little bit of bling after work with Refinery29. As you get older, you realize that everything you have in your closet should really be investment pieces for a lifetime - and jewelry is definitely something to splurge on. 


travels in turkey | vlog

Over the weekend, in the midst of all of the Halloween freakshow festivities - I managed to shell out my Istanbul vlog. Istanbul was such a beautiful city and not even photos or videos can accurately capture it. Sure - my girls and I had our fair share of the creeps out and about but definitely recommend to anyone that wants a low-key vacation walking around, experiencing culture, music etc. And damn guys, the Turkish soaps alone will convince me to go back a second time around. 

So take a peek at the vlog and let me know what you think - and remember to subscribe!