(Zara tribal button down, Forever 21 jeans, Gap leather jacket, H&M fur lapel, Senso shoes, Topshop leather and suede scalloped bag, Ray Ban aviators)

I've been neglecting you guys because honestly, I haven't been at work and no one's been taking pictures for me. Today was a horridly windy day, especially around the Flatiron district, these pictures aren't the greatest but please forgive me, I promise the next one will be the best one yet.

I'm obsessed with this scalloped bag, I got it yesterday and I can tell that it's gonna be one of my favorites. How can you not love scalloped details on....absolutely everything??

I had to bundle up for my first day of classes, I can tell this is gonna one long semester. Wish me luck!

Photos taken by le Landon.

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(Anilee jersey maxi, H&M necklace, aerie bracelet, bangle from Mexico, F21 sideways cross ring, thrifted faux fur clutch)

I definitely picked the wrong day for an updo, my frizzy hair is so prominent against this white wall! Went for a simple outfit today, but I'm still loving the neon accents, as you can tell! This dress is so perfect and ridiculously comfortable. I thought I'd throw in the fur clutch for an unpredicted pop of texture in this otherwise one-dimensional outfit.

I have a date with my mom tonight, we're gonna watch Chicago and have dinner. It's gonna be a grand time.

Photos taken by my own personal, (professional) photographer, Landon.



(Ann Taylor sleeveless button down, H&M black sweater, thrifted waterfall cardigan, thrifted army green blazer, UO aztec knit shorts, Senso shoes, thrifted faux snakeskin gold edged clutch, YSL ring, F21 ombre earrings)

Today was all about me braving the cold without a jacket, but with layers on layers on layers, 4 to be exact. I did however, get some crazy stares on the train when people realized that I was only wearing sheer tights. The things that I do for fashion!

And it's day two of my withdrawal from arm candy! I did squeeze in some early morning shopping for accessories though, you shall see them soon.

Tata for now!

Photos taken by Landon, as always.



(ASOS sheer gray top, DIY necklace GAP ombre sweater, vintage leopard belt, DIY asymmetric maxi, Zara maroon booties, American Apparel leather medium pouch)

Attempted at this DIY maxi skirt and even though the edges are fraying a little, I think it gives it character, no? Paired it with a simple top and a monochromatic sweater. I barely wore any accessories today, which means no arm candy!

I thought the neon clutch could be my statement piece for the day. I've been eyeing it at American Apparel for a while, it's the only one with a gold zipper, instead of the plastic zippers that they normally have. Love it!

See ya'll soon!

Photos by the ever so fly, Landon from Fashion Goggles



(H&M fur lapel, Gap leather jacket, thrifted metallic shirt, thrifted floral collar silk shirt, Big Star USA leather jeans, Romwe bag, black motorcycle boots)

So excited to be wearing these Big Star USA leather jeans! I've been looking for a pair of leather pants and I've seen them on multiple blogs, so when I saw these babies, I had to have them! They're surprisingly comfortable and isn't constricting at all. Someone in the office mentioned that they looked more like silk than leather. Agreed?

I must say though, I was a bit hesitant to wear leather pants and a pair of leather shoes AND a leather bag, but I'm glad I decided for it. What do you guys think?

Photos by sweet, sweet Landon.



(H&M chunky knit, JCrew silk shirt, Forever21 skinnys, Matiko studded loafers - similar here, Forever 21 bracelets, ASOS triangle necklace - similar here, random studded cuff, vintage Cyma watch)

Graffiti is just so hipster. Psst, these were taken in a parking lot near work. Me and Landon gestured to the parking attendant and asked if we could take a couple photos there. He literally ignored us. Oh New Yorkers, you're all such upstanding citizens.

Enjoy! And as always, leave some feedback. I love reading your comments!
Another post tomorrow with a different background, but honestly, nothing can beat this graffiti wall. Nothing, I tell you!



(Instagrams all by me)
1. These ridiculous headband with a bow that looked like bunny ears. Cute?
2. WIWT to work! AA chiffon, AA velvet leggings, H&M jewelry, misc. bracelets
3. A detailed shot of my arm candy today.
4. Jellyfish at the Georgia Aquarium, the largest aquarium in the US?
5. More arm candy from my previous post.
6. The Bollare conference room, it's beautiful...
7. Dark chocolate ganache cupcakes. I'm still drooling over them.

I had a long day, 8 hour shifts really kill me. So here's my lazy post of the week! I hope you guys enjoy my Instagram photos, I've been obsessed with Instagram lately. Follow me on Instagram @kkristenity or check out my Twitter and follow me for updates.

'Til tomorrow! I'll be posting more tomorrow :)



(Gap striped knit sweater, random white chiffon shirt, Gap red corduroys, H&M necklace, Forever 21 bracelets, sterling silver bangle from Mexico, faux leather zipper bag -story here!, Senso shoes)

My sister left yesterday to study abroad for the spring semester, and the truth is, this striped sweater is hers, so once she sees this, she'll be giving me a piece of her mind, but y'know what? The girl is 1000 miles away so what can she do? But if you see this, I do miss you!

I had lunch with two of my friends that I've known since middle and high school, and we had a great time catching up, eating paninis and belgian fries.

One of them took these amazing photos for me, he has a Tumblr and a Flickr and a Vimeo, everything that an aspiring photographer/film major needs to succeed in life! They're a far better job than anything I could do. And since I don't have work for a couple days, I can't rely on Landon to photograph me!

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(Zara cats chiffon blouse, H&M chunky knit, Club Monaco skirt, Zara maroon booties, Forever 21 bracelets, vintage Cyma gold watch, vintage Coach satchel)

I had to think of a clever title and I apologize for the insanely corny title. One of my friends from work, Landon took these pictures for me, and I returned the favor. We're probably going to be doing this from now on because it's just so much easier than self-timer. Let me know if you have any suggestions, I'm open to anything.

I'm obviously very into layering for the winter, and very into my gray thrifted jacket, because I've been wearing this everyday since I got it! Layers are the way to go, they're easy to shed and they're a great way to mix and match textures and patterns.

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Toodles! I hope everyone had an amazing day today and stayed dry.
New York needs to lighten up. STAT.