note to self

For an easy weekend outfit, I'm all about this Red 23 perforated top and a denim pencil (newly obsessed) with minimal accessories - this pair of Shoemint dorsay flats and a Rue Gembon pearl choker that I'm really getting into. Yeah, chokers are back with a vengeance.

And I feel like if I write this here, I'll get it done. Note to self: get my Mac fixed as soon as possible.


dinosaurs are real

You know the feeling when you obsessively check your mailbox to see whether your package has been delivered yet? Now take that feeling and quadruple it - because the excitement I felt when I opened this Forever21 Dino T up was incomparable. I mean come on guys, it's a tee shirt with dinosaurs on it. Pair it with some ripped jeans from Zara and my favorite MIRLO jewelry, oh - and that Proenza bag I can't seem to stop wearing.


western vibes

Are you guys getting sick of this Proenza bag yet? I'm really keeping to my own word and maximizing the cost-per-wear out of this little one. Never mind that it goes with anything and everything I have in my closet, but it's definitely the perfect size for bringing only what I need and not what I want. This outfit was monochromatic and practical with a hint of femininity that I often lack. I paired the flounce on this Addison NY drop waist dress with a prehistoric belt that I had (God knows where I got this) and my trusty long cardigan from Forever21 a while back.

Another word I had promised to keep was to bring y'all some YouTube videos - that's in the works but it'll take a bit. Especially when this one has no computer to work with. And spends all her computer-fixing money on random things.

Happy Sunday!


sorry for partying

You can see the succession of my outfit, my Milly by Michelle T-shirt gets slowly more unkempt and untucked but undoubtedly way more comfortable as the day went on. Comfort is key when you're taking care of a kid 5 and a half month old Frenchie because guys, puppysitting is hardwork. Especially this little Hippo. The shirt says Sorry for Partying and I worked this loud message into my outfit with a little bit of plaid from Dorothy Perkins and my favorite sandals. But if we're being honest, the only party I went to was a puppy party (watch this for video reference).



I chose to wear a floral maxi dress and barely-there heels to a day at Central Park, so what? I bought this beauty from Forever21 a while back when there was still snow on the ground because I knew there would come a time when it would be sweltering and I'd want to wear absolutely nothing. Threw all my things in a newly acquired Proenza (which you'll see me wearing all the time - cost-per-wear, y'all!) and vegetated in a little, quiet nook that impossibly exists in the middle of the chaos that is New York City.



Last weekend's three days of Memorial Day were all vastly different. I got a flash flood warning on my phone on Saturday, Sunday was so deliriously hot that I thought I would have a heat stroke and this day - Monday - was the most relaxing, perfectly temperate day by the water. Alvin and I got a paper bag full of snacks and refreshments and a blanket to lay out on the grass and literally did not move for a few hours or so. I donned my favorite Mirlo pieces (debuted my complete collection on Instagram, but decided that I need more pieces!) and Birks (what else?).