SOREL's major carly

With the weather cooling down, you'll need boots to stomp around in. And I've found my perfect pair with SOREL - these Major Carly boots are the most beautiful shade of olive green and will undoubtedly save me from any weather New York throws my way this fall. 


life updates with classpass

WARNING: Lots of reading here - but how else would I update you guys? :)

I'm very much used to being a complete sloth - wanted to give you guys some exciting news: I'm partnering with ClassPass and Nike to run the San Francisco Half Marathon this October!! 

And if you haven't gotten the hint from my junk food Snapchats and Instagrams of food spreads - I'm not the most athletic person you'll find - ever. I have the biggest sweet tooth and snacking is my vice. So this is the biggest deal - and a huge challenge to get through. 

I've been with ClassPass for over 6 months now, my regimen really includes at least 3-4 classes at my favorite studios around my neighborhood. So when ClassPass reached out for this amazing opportunity, I was beyond ecstatic - but to be honest, a little scared. ClassPass - if you guys don't know about it, is a membership program for about $125 a month which is an incredible deal - normal studios charge over $150/month!

The great thing about it is the wide range of studios that you have access to each cycle. You've got your yoga, barre, boxing, running, dance - everything you could possibly need. It's really the variety of the classes available that really sold me. 

And if you're doing this half-marathon too - whether it's in Denver, New York, California - you can sign up for ClassPass races exactly like when you're booking a class if you're a member.

Updates, updates - it's been one official week since the 12-week training program started and so far, so good. When I say that, I mean I'm surviving. I haven't died or injured myself. Thanks to my West Coast trainer, Blue Benadum (who seriously sounds like the chillllllest person in the world) - and the recommended classes that ClassPass sends through every week, Kristen Lam is well on her way to actually attempting this half-marathon.

Keep up with me via Snapchat @kristenglam + Instagram. I'll be there alllllllllll summer. 

I'm on YouTube, guys.

PS: Video to come after the actual race to tell you how I'm coping with this!


pixie in DR

Photos by Alvin

Hola guys! It's been a week and a half since my return from Dominican Republic and boy do I miss it. I miss doing nothing on the beach. I miss roasting myself under the sun. I miss all-you-can-eat buffets. But life's gotta go on. Work's gotta be done.

But come, come. Relive my DR trip with me. Relive doing nothing with me. 

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