mind your miners

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

Mind your manners miners. The most manrepelling-perfect-comfortable jumpsuit there ever was is on my body. I can die happy now. 

Oh and have you seen my video? Istanbul vlog coming at the end of this week, guys! Eeek! Fingers crossed and hope that my computer doesn't crash.



Photos by Alvin

And it's finally here! The first ever YouTube video. I'm sure I'll get used to hearing the sound of my own voice but more importantly, hopefully you guys get used to it too hehe. I mainly wanted to start this channel because I wanted you guys to see that hey - my life isn't as glamorous as you guys think. I'm a normal person with normal friends and normal awkward tendencies. And with video, there's no faking it. What you see is what you get. So enjoy and subscribe - stay tuned for my Istanbul vlog!

Side note: I just want to give a HUGE thanks to everyone that subscribed already. It's been amazing to see so many reactions, I welcome both good and bad. Thank y'all for allllll the continued love!

Big Star jeans
Steve Madden shoes


fem details

Photos by Emily Malan

I finally got the chance to shoot with Emily after our chance (and random) encounter in Brooklyn. Managed to get these shots in during a long day of work when the weather was actually agreeing with us. Layered this lace Line & Dot dress underneath a turtleneck dress to give it a little more feminine detail.

Just got back from Turkey and I can't wait to edit all of the video footage! But seriously guys, my first intro to YouTube video is going to be up by the end of this week and I'm beyond scared excited petrified but mostly scared. Stay tuned!

Daniel Wellington watch