florals in full

Lulu's floral dress  |  H&M cashmere sweater  |  vintage Coach bag  

I wish you guys could see the full floral glory of this Lulu's floral dress. Chiffon, floral and backless - it looks like I'm on the wrong side of America, y'all. But hey, throw my favorite grey cashmere sweater over it and you've got an outfit fit to bear the insane polar vortex that never seems like it's gonna end. 


adore me

If you haven't already heard of AdoreMe from the numerous bloggers that you follow, it's a lingerie company in New York with ridiculously reasonable prices and a variety of styles and silhouettes for every body type. And you guys already should know one of my number one rules of life: when in doubt, wear grey. So when it came time to picking out a nice set of lingerie, the Louisa set from AdoreMe was obviously no exception to that rule. 

Being comfortable in your own skin really comes with age and time - and a good set of lingerie doesn't hurt either. Because let's be honest, how rad do you feel when you're wearing a matching set underneath it all? So I'm partnering up with AdoreMe to give you a chance to win your favorite set from the site - and hey, if you're not into lingerie - they have more sleepwear styles that are beyond comfortable

1. Follow @adoremeofficial and @kristengracelam on Instagram
2. Leave a comment below - with your name, email and a link to your favorite AdoreMe set.
3. One winner will be selected randomly to win their favorite on Sunday February 2nd, 2013 and they'll be announced in a blog post on Sunday.


grey matter

Photos by Paulina 
H&M sweater  |  H&M coat  |  Big Star jeans  |  Steve Madden slip-ons  |  KittyMak fanny pack  |  Rue Gembon Daya necklace

I have to be quite honest, fanny packs - in my mind - were reserved for grandmas, music festivals and DisneyWorld tourists. But when one of my friends told me that she started KittyMakWarriors, and asked me to choose a few of my favorites to style, this fanny pack stuck out with its updated silhouette and metal enclosure. And with my favorite monochromatic wardrobe pieces, it just fits in so, so well. Throw on a little bit of plaid detail and there ya go. Fanny packs for the win.

Happy weekend!


boyish charm

Photos by Paulina 

When I was young, people claimed that if I had short hair, I would look like a boy. That might explain my affinity for masculine silhouettes. So here we go with these Lulu's trousers. They're perfectly slouchy to show off just an inch or two of midriff and stop right above the ankle to show off a pair of my favorite loafers. 


brave face

Photos from Paulina

Greeting the third snowstorm this winter in New York with a brave face, a new favorite wide-brimmed hat and a delicious cold brew in hand. 


ruegembon x kristenglam

And the happiest Monday is one that comes with a giveaway (obviously). I chose the Rue Gembon Daya necklace from their Atelier collection for one of you lucky ones because it's simple and would seriously go incredibly well with any outfit, no matter what your style is. You can't go wrong with a little bit of rose gold! 

Follow @ruegembon and @kristengracelam (if you aren't already) on Instagram and feel free to comment on the giveaway post here to let me know that you've entered. 

The giveaway ends in a week and I'll be announcing the winner bright and early on Monday, January 27th, 2013!

Good luck everyone! 


easy does it

Recent acquisitions to incorporate easily into my wardrobe include a soft, cozy grey cashmere sweater from H&M (similar) - a grey piece that I surprisingly don't have in my closet - and a few dainty gold necklaces that I've literally had around my neck ever since I got them. I've just been piling them on! The shark tooth necklace, I'm just obsessed with. I keep looking around for more. And whether or not you believe in horoscopes and all that entails, this Rebecca Minkoff necklace is just too chic to leave out. And the Rue Gembon Daya necklace is a no-brainer, no matter what your style is. 

And with that, I'll be giving away the Rue Gembon necklace soon, it's a simple yet sophisticated necklace that I know will match anyone's style, so stay tuned! 


simple and clean

Photos by Paulina

I heard that there's gonna be another crazy snow chill over here in New York over the weekend, so here's an outfit post before I get buried under it. I'd forgotten how effortless it is to just throw on a white button down and an oversized sweater - the cashmere just takes it to the next level of texture. Black and white is just always the best default color combination (other than my favorite grey on grey on grey). 

Happy Wednesday y'all! 


the key to survival

Photos by Paulina 

The trick to surviving New York is layers, beanies and long coats. Seriously, you'd be surprised at how much the length of a coat affects your body temperature. Are you guys sick of this coat yet? I'm sure as hell not. I wore a knit sweater underneath, appropriately named the Kristen sweater - it's got everything I love in life: plaid and marled grey texture all in this incredible boyfriend fit. 

Don't mind that ridiculous face I'm making in the first photo. I was trying to see my breath in the cold. Yep. That's me.



Photos by Paulina
H&M coat  |  thrifted denim vest  |  H&M gloves (similar)

The quickest post - with some resolutions for 2014. Never thought we'd make it here, eh? 

This year, it's all about downsizing and minimalism in every most aspects of my life. Keep to the essentials and I'll always ask myself, do I really need this in my life? (Even though chances are...the answer will be yes)

Another resolution? Commit and dedicate. I have to admit that I'm a naturally lazy person. But hey, this year - I'm gonna have more content for y'all. Outfit posts, lifestyle posts - travel (hopefully) and tons of food, if you can dig it. 

Here's to no more half-assing it and another great year. And here's to you guys, thanks for being awesome!