inspired necessity

Photos by Landon - inspired by Serena
thrifted plaid shirt  |  H&M sweater  |  Zara jeans  |  NecessaryClothing sneakers

Apparently, Landon and I have been missing out on a great photo location in the office. When Serena came into the office to preview Nifty Thrifty, she also shot a few photos for The Spicy Stiletto on the radiator (of all places!) and they turned out completely awesome. It was the perfect spot for one of those cold fall days where you're wearing one too many layers to take a flattering head-to-toe photograph - blogger problem #23. Sometimes, on days like these, less is more when it comes to details. Stay a little while, Hurricane Sandy. 


margiela x h&m : the accessories

The problem isn't the inevitable lines in around the blocks of your local H&Ms, it isn't even that on November 15th, H&M stores will probably be a haunting reflection of what goes on at every sample sale in the city. After you somehow accept and ignore the first two pressing issues, the question you have to ask yourself is "Hey, would I pay $299 for that faux leather tote at H&M? Do I have the nerve to buy this mass-produced pair of  $129 sneakers? How many people will be wearing these $349 pair of plexiglass wedges?". 

It isn't to say that the Margiela x H&M collection isn't pretty - because it's definitely sleek and chic, as expected from Margiela, but it sure does cost a pretty penny, 34,900 pennies for those black booties to be exact.

You're looking at the sucker for these collabs - it's the hype and the fact that I can almost afford it. I'm definitely gonna snag something from this collection. 



Gap sweater  |  H&M skirt (similar)  |  Zara crossbody (similar)  |  thrifted loafers (similar patent version)

The only thing better than wearing this outfit to an apple-picking farm was realizing that I had unintentionally dressed like a pumpkin, which I was surprisingly not bothered by. Today, I introduce you to the little Lam, the sister that doubles as an efficient photographer after Landon, whose talents lie in academics and athletics, whose personality so differs from my own - and all the while, is still one of my best friends.


spacejam & pjs

Photos by Landon and his awesome lens. 
intiMint bralette and dress  |  ShopWasteland jacket  |  NecessaryClothing sneakers  |  ShopJeen necklace

I've been convinced that this intiMint maxi dress is sleepwear, but sometimes sleepwear can totally work towards your favor in terms of comfort. To tell you the truth, the low back is really what sold me, the lace bralette makes it more daytime appropriate. I went a little nuts and threw on my new favorite Wasteland jacket and a pair of comfortable studded sneakers from Necessary Clothing that I've been wearing on the regular. I'm wearing a lot of looks, but listen, it was just one of those days.

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camo & plaid

Photos by Landon and his incredible lens
French Connection mens button down  |  Zara oversized sweater (similar)  |  Zara camo skinnys (similar)  |  Zara heels

There's a thin line to cross when mixing prints. Wearing checkers and camo together might have been crossing that very line, but this oversized knit in a neutral color broke things up and kept the outfit together, making the checkered pattern more of a detail, rather than a statement piece. And these camo jeans that I've been eyeing forever at Zara are finally mine, shoutout to Jess for the rec - they definitely are an essential. 


silver sleeves

Photos by Landon
ShopWasteland jacket  |  H&M shirt  |  UO pants  |  Zara heels

There's a Space Jam feel to this jacket that just caught my eye when I saw it on the Wasteland site. The metallic sleeves give such detail and character to an otherwise basic varsity jacket that I probably own already. You can't go wrong with pairing it with grey and some light denim, balancing the outfit with a pair of boyish, baggy trousers and a pair of feminine, pointed heels.


peach perfect

The only photographer for me, Landon
Pavonine tank  |  Lafayette148 blazer  |  H&M peach coat  |  gifted Sugarlips trousers  |  gifted cross necklace  |  Forever21 ombre earrings  |  Rayban aviators  |  Zara heels

Nothing will look masculine with a pair of awesome black heels, trousers aren't meant just for the boys. That all-too familiar side-striped detail is a recent favorite of mine, and will definitely be sticking around this season. The crop top - supposedly meant for the spring - hits right above the snakeskin band and the sheer sleeves on the blazer peek out of the peach jacket that I scored at one of H&M's recent sales. This $7.50 (hold your gasps) peach blazer reminded me of Landon's peach T from the summer, just goes to show that there's no such thing as season-appropriate colors.

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just the details

Photos by Landon
Flirt Catalog tie dye jeans  |  American Apparel poplin shirt  |  UNIQLO chiffon top  |  H&M trench (similar)  |  Forever21 tote

The details are what made this outfit incredible, the tie-dye detailing on this Flirt Catalog denim is actually magical. It was a little chilly, so I layered a button down under a chiffon tunic, just because the button down had the cutest collar. Fall and winter aren't all about black, grey, nude and oxblood (obviously this season's color) - live a little, throw some tie-dye in the mix.


style hunter

thrifted army jacket  |  H&M grey tank  |  American Apparel tulip skirt  |  Steve Madden sneakers  |  Forever21 bag  |  gifted PinkyThumb necklace

Today, my photographer is Apneet - whose vintage finds and mile long legs are just an added bonus to her sweet, bubbly and downright cool personality. Turns out, we go to the same college, and we squeezed this overdue photo shoot between a ten minute break and man, is her camera amazing or what? She's included me in the recent issue of the Hunter Envoy - in print! I picked up a single copy for myself, if you see one lying around, take a peek at the outfit that Apneet so aptly describes as having a "student-friendly price tag".

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lost in translation: tres

gifted Koshka dress  |  thrifted Anne Klein blazer  |  thrifted metal belt  |  Aldo beaded box clutch  |  Zara heels

I tried to channel my inner lady for the final look for the Lost in Translation dress, threw on a belt to cinch in the waist, a sleek blazer and those open toed high heels from Zara. The always messy sidebraid  and the aztec print adds an everyday spin to the outfit. To tell you the truth, the last look was the hardest, but I can't wait until the next series! 


wintergarden spring

Photos by Landon of FashionGoggled
gifted Koshka MinkPink Wintergarden blazer  |  Big Star waxed jeans  |  Zara maroon booties

Two posts in one day? I just couldn't wait to style this Koshka blazer! The thing things I love about this blazer are the light silk, unstructured silhouette, the faded, bleached out floral print and the way that it falls just right on my shoulders (shoutout to Joanne for helping me choose the size!). I paired a pair of Big Star waxed jeans and a light chiffon top with the blazer to make the blazer the statement piece in my outfit. I've already got so many ideas for this blazer for the fall, maybe with this skirt from Koshka? Stay tuned!

pretty things: eberjey & the thin gold ring

Two pretty things I'm obsessed with currently: a thin gold ring from my first visit to the Brooklyn Flea with Steph and Chanelle - the lovely Jenny has a few silver ones that she's loving - and the Eberjey Fanny bralet that's almost too pretty to hide.