travel sized beauty

I'll be off in a day or two for a quick weekend trip to LA and figured I'd dive into a few travel sized beauty must-haves in my gigantic Alexander Wang makeup bag that I paid too much for.

WILDFOX sleep mask (thanks The Platform YT!) | I have some weird bouts of insomnia and sleep masks help. They really do.

L'Occitane volumizing shampoo + conditioner | If I'm gonna be in 100+ degree heat in California, my hair's gonna need some volume.

L'Occitane roll-on deodorant | Talk about travel size, this deodorant is itty-bitty and it rolls on clear (so no funny (marks) business).

L'Occitane almond hand cream | It'll make your hands smell absolutely delicious. Trust me.

Buckler's chapped skin + lip remedy | One can never have enough chapstick or body lotion - I live on this.

Tarte mini cheek stain | Huge fan of the full-sized version of this, and this little one is just way cuter.

Tarte Marccuja C-brighter eye treatment | For those late nights that do heavy damage on my dark circles.

Tangle Teezer compact brush | Run it through your hair post-shower and pre-whatever your normal hair care routine is. It works wonders.

Also when you get a chance, grab a mini Altoid box of mints, and then when you finish it (which I'm sure you will), keep it for your jewelry. It's a perfect fit for my MIRLO and Lust Covet Desire rings and things.

Keep up with me this weekend on Instagram - 'til then!


  1. Love the Tarte cheek stain and Tangle Teezer too! Why didn't I think of using a mini Altoids box for storing dainty jewelry for travel?! I just finished a tin last week and tossed it -_-" Oh well, next time I'll remember :)

  2. Isn't everything just that much more adorable when it's mini sized. I love your travel case by the way.

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