into the woods we go

So I didn't make it to California on account of a really unfortunate situation that was poorly handled by Virgin America. Delays on delays on delays and just incompetency all around.

Here's another collab with my favorite person. I wouldn't even call this another collaboration with Zach - he's been my friend since high school and any project with him is mostly fun for me. A few weeks ago, we ventured out to Port Washington and into the woods we went. He made me trek on leaves (and poison ivy look-a-likes) and step over God-knows-what in the middle of the stream. But hey, the photos came out incredible as always and I'd be down to do more.

This Addison romper is functional and breathable and fits me like a glove. I'll need this in every pattern / every color please.


  1. Thats so annoying, I hope they tried to compensate the difficulties with something... I hate it when airlines let you down. But this collab is gorgeous none the less!


  2. I love how casual you always dressed, but at the same time it's stylish. Love your blog!


    I T I S J E N N I E

  3. Your hair!!! <3 and you look like actress here :)

  4. I love this look. I just got a similar plaid shirt I was thinking of layering with like that :)

    Theatricality by Mariah

  5. This look so cute, beautiful pictures too!