plaid + pinstripes

Photos by Paulina 
Line & Dot jacket  |  The Garage Thrift vintage plaid shirt  |  H&M pinstripe pants (similar)  |  Zara hat (similar)

Well hello fall, I'm not quite sure if I missed you. I'd like you to stay at a nice 50 to 60 degree weather - either sunny or overcast. Nothing worse than that please. 

Anyway, plaid and pinstripes, do they work? In my mind they do. The pinstripes are subtle enough to treat as a pair of jeans and I can see that this pair will do quite nicely during the colder months when I can no longer stand wearing skinny jeans or a ripped boyfriend pair. This plaid shirt fits like a damn dream, just right and snug on the shoulders, but loose enough so that I can breathe and eat like a boy. 

A little bit on The Garage Thrift, besides the fact that babe who started it has been a friend since middle school, it's a finely curated site of vintage pieces for those of you who might be too lazy to sift through vintage and thrift stores at sick prices. And when I say sick, I mean that in a good way. 

Use the promo code WELCOME15 for 15% off your first order! Not sure what you're still doing reading this post. 


  1. That hat is amazing! You look gorgeous xo

  2. Love the coat and pin-stripe pants! xx


  3. that hat!!!! And yes they work, and if they don't well they look great on you haha!xx


  4. Great walking around in the city look.


  5. Omigosh your hat! I want your hat! And I love this outfit. It all just works so well!

  6. You looked awesome with that outfit. I also love the hat. Perfect!


  7. This is amazing!! I love the plaid and the outfit together is just awesome, it would be great if you would check out Tali Kogan's Blog she features a post about plaid http://telavivcouture.blogspot.com/ all feedback will be appreciated!