a sweet weekend

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image via Raining Cake

This weekend, if you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed a little black and yellow honey bee / butterfly in my photos and the ridiculously adorable use of the hashtag #mj honeyspots whenever it appeared. What was it? Well the mystery stops here. 

In celebration of Marc Jacob's Honey perfume, I used #mj honeyspots to take you around on a few of my favorite spots for my typical (alright, not so typical...) weekend! It always starts off at home, with a sweet, innocent little pup face, then it was off to a NYFW event to meet a few out-of-towners (even though I was just recovering from #fashionweak) and taking a little breather in my favorite neighborhood. Then it was off to an early start on Sunday on the road to Syracuse for Juice Jam to see Kendrick Lamar with a few faves and #mj honeyspots was there every step of the way. 

Share your favorite spots, whether it's in the city or around the neighborhood with #mj honeyspots, find out more information on their site

Bee a part of the fun! Pun totally intended. 


  1. Aw this is so sweeeet :)

  2. Lovely photos! I have yet to try this perfume. I have Lola and Daisy (my favourite!). I usually like Marc Jacob's perfumes.