beauty favorites as of late

A few beauty essentials right now - some old favorites but some new beauty goodies have been thrown in the mix.

Finding Ferdinand custom lipstick
When does a girl ever get to customize her own lip color? Not often enough, I'd say. Mine's the perfect shade of pretty much 50-50 red and dusty pink (just a tinge more of red).

Yon-Ka nutri-protect mains hand cream
The most pleasant smell from this hand cream, plus - no oily residue and I actually feel like my hands are monumentally softer after each use.

Kevyn Aucoin lipstick in Eternal
I've been told that a red lip looks good on everyone, and I must say, every girl needs at least one in their lives. I've found an incredible matte lip color for those days when I wanna vamp it up a bit.

Forever21 compact mirror
"Are you kitten me right now?" - enough said. Go click on that link and buy it before it's sold out.

Shiseido + Clé de Peau Beauté
I had the immense pleasure of visiting Waterfall Mansion to celebrate the new Shiseido and  Clé de Peau Beauté products launching in the next few months. I tested out the concealer (#103), the application brush is so easy, the formula is light and I can already tell it'll be a favorite.

I'm obviously in the market now for a good, classic, everyday makeup bag that would potentially last forever. What do you guys think of this Marc by Marc Jacobs neoprene pouch? (Thanks Jacquelyn!) Or maybe I should go with the whole kitten theme and get this one from Forever21?

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  1. I LOVE the Marc Jacobs one... Mulberry also do beautiful ones if you're looking to splash out! xo