western vibes

Are you guys getting sick of this Proenza bag yet? I'm really keeping to my own word and maximizing the cost-per-wear out of this little one. Never mind that it goes with anything and everything I have in my closet, but it's definitely the perfect size for bringing only what I need and not what I want. This outfit was monochromatic and practical with a hint of femininity that I often lack. I paired the flounce on this Addison NY drop waist dress with a prehistoric belt that I had (God knows where I got this) and my trusty long cardigan from Forever21 a while back.

Another word I had promised to keep was to bring y'all some YouTube videos - that's in the works but it'll take a bit. Especially when this one has no computer to work with. And spends all her computer-fixing money on random things.

Happy Sunday!


  1. you are such an inspiration for me! I've been reading your blog for a long time and I'm still obsessed with your amazing style!
    love your cardigan, perfect outfit (again)! <3

    Emma xx

  2. super cute dress.x


  3. I literally hyperventilated when I read the part about the YouTube videos! So excited, Kristen!!!

  4. Totally excited for your youtube videos!!! x

  5. This is very cool