adore me in lace

Photos by Landon

Normally you wouldn't catch me in anything pink or remotely girly - don't get me wrong, I love my occasional sequins and lace, but rarely do I ever wear lace on lace. With this Label by Five Twelve dress, the lace top actually dresses it down, which ironically works, doesn't it? It's probably the only red, lace, ladylike dress I have in my wardrobe and it deserves all the praise. 

Also, speaking of lace and all that goodness, AdoreMe is hosting their first Google+ Hangout with a few awesome New York bloggers. We each picked a lingerie set - and though we won't be rocking it in front of the camera for you, we'll be doing the next best thing. We'll be wearing outfits inspired by the lingerie look, because lingerie inspired outfits are the thing these days, especially with the heat!

Make sure you follow us on Instagram for awesome behind-the-scenes bloopers and shots of the Hangout because trust me, there'll be a bunch of good ones.

Shoot me some awkward awesome questions on Twitter with #AdoreMeHangout!

So if you've got an hour to kill on a Monday night (which I know you do!), RSVP and come hang with us!


  1. I like the lace pattern and colour of that dress!


  2. love the lace on lace look and ill be watching :)

  3. I love how you layered those lace pieces together! It has such an interesting effect.

  4. Love your dress! Kisses from Poland!