plaid, plaid world

Photos by Landon
UO jacket  |  random white T  |  Wet Seal plaid jeans  |  Zara heels  |  UO leather suede satchel

If I lived in the city, I'd be poor. There's no doubt about that. I took a walk with a friend after dinner to "digest" - walked around Soho and of course, came across this beauty of a jacket at Urban Outfitters. With its leather sleeves and tailored fit, I had to have it. It was an impulse by at nearly 10:00pm at night and it's safe to say that I slept like a baby that night. 

And congratulations to Laura N. for winning the Nicole Miller #NMHolidays giveaway - thank you everyone to participating, stay tuned for more exciting giveaways!


  1. Gorgeous outfit! you were right to buy that jacke...it is a beauty!


  2. love the plaid jeans with the black heels, smokin hot . . .

  3. great look. I am in love with your shoes!
    have a nice day ♥

  4. LOVE the pants and the jacket! Living in the City is super hard...working in the City is even harder. I have to basically chain myself to my desk during lunch so I'm not tempted to go out shopping lol


  5. Love this 'fittt! Love you Kristen <3