travels in turkey | vlog

Over the weekend, in the midst of all of the Halloween freakshow festivities - I managed to shell out my Istanbul vlog. Istanbul was such a beautiful city and not even photos or videos can accurately capture it. Sure - my girls and I had our fair share of the creeps out and about but definitely recommend to anyone that wants a low-key vacation walking around, experiencing culture, music etc. And damn guys, the Turkish soaps alone will convince me to go back a second time around. 

So take a peek at the vlog and let me know what you think - and remember to subscribe!


  1. this made my monday worse, thanks :<

  2. Cool video. If however I may suggest not using a soundtrack with lyrics when narrating your video, listening to your sweet voice would be much more pleasant experience.

  3. you should post more like this kristen! i love the video so much!

    love always,