so fresh so clean

Insight dress (on sale)  |  Line & Dot pinstriped blazer  |  ASOS flatforms  |  gifted Pinky Thumb sideways cross necklace  

It's practically fall, but people, 80 degree weather calls for bare legs. I paired a light floral printed dress with a pinstriped blazer for a subtle mixed printed look that just seems kind of off-season. So over the arm party and very much into minimal accessories, this sideways cross necklace is sure to be an everyday wear, much like the black hair tie that's always on my wrist. 


  1. Very cute. May be out of season but it still looks great, and if the weather permits - why not? :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  2. love this look, very fitting of the latent summer weather! that sideways cross necklace is beautiful and i gotta say as much as i love an arm party every now and then i'm really loving the look of a minimal wrist, so refreshing!

  3. It'll be cold in no time. Wear your summer clothes as much as possible!

  4. Your pinstriped blazer is loveee. And I can't wait till the weather cools down! It's still reached the 80s here in Southern California.