a few of my favorite things

The first of many posts about my current obsessions, right now it's all about my miniprints from Social Print Studio and my sheer embellished chiffon maxi from ASOS that lives a double life as a gorgeous curtain. These miniprints are going to be such a stocking stuffer, you get 48 of these Instagram prints for a mere $12. It doesn't get any better than that. Especially when someone just hit over 1,000 photos on Instagram, I have a ton of photos to choose from. A huge thanks to Heidi over at SPS for introducing me. She has a blog too, and an Instagram that I can't stop obsessing over.


  1. lovely pics ;)


  2. No way! I definitely am going to purchase some of those... 48?! I cant believe it haha. I am so obsessed with IG too. Your maxi is super cute, I first thought it was a curtain hah I am excited to see more different ways you wear it :)

    Angela @ The Lovely Cup

  3. those mini prints are such a cute idea, i'm definitely going to need hundreds of those. and that maxi skirt is so beyond beautiful, i'm swooning!