run, don't walk

Photos by Alvin

We all know that H&M's design collaborations are always the talk of the town (well, in New York, that is) - and the lines for these collections are out the door and through the roof. But this time around, their Studio Collection is the topic of conversation. And guys - it hits stores today. So damn, take a long lunch or go into work late and run, don't walk, to your nearest H&M and get your hands on something / everything. I layered my mesh top under a backless dress to make it just a little more dressed down/up depending on the shoes I wear. 

And definitely follow along my Instagram because that dreaded just kidding time of year, New York Fashion Week has finally started - and I'll be at the H&M A/W 2014 Studio Collection launch with Johnny Wujek and Kate Mara (hey you House of Cards geeks!). They'll be curating the H&M windows around the city so make sure you keep a lookout. 

Now stop reading this blog post and run over to the stores, guys!