san diego super chargers

If you haven't followed Instagram in the past week, you missed the California photo spam on my newsfeed (hey, I ain't mad about it). And now that I'm back in wintry New York, I'll be working on getting all of these photos out on the Internet getting back on the work grind. On the bright side? Happy almost Christmas!!

A few snaps of the first few days in San Diego: a trip to the zoo like a bunch of excited little kids to see lions, cheetahs and bears (oh my!), my first ever football game to watch my Giants valiantly lose against the Chargers and a quick outfit snap underneath a blooming tree that probably forgot that it's winter. But then again, the entire state of California can probably conveniently disregard seasons. 


  1. I wish I was in Cali right now! Looks like you're having a blasted. Happy Holidays!!

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  2. I love going to the zoo, I would love tho see flamingos in person, we don't have them here! XO


  3. Beautiful photos and I love yur cardigan! :)