one dress a day

photos via WWD

So stoked to tell you guys about a new e-comm site called One Dress A Day whose concept is so fitting, by launching one dress a day, it makes the chances of you wearing the same dress as someone else so slim - and we all know how us girls can be when someone's wearing the same outfit as us. The site will have every dress you'll need for any occasion - cocktail dresses, party dresses, everyday dresses (hint: there are a few sequin ones that are absolutely divine!)

The site officially launches on August 26th, but as a sneak peek and a brilliant teaser, their first dress went live today and it's chock full of sequins and the most flattering silhouette, making it the coolest LBD ever.

I know I'll be counting down the days until the site launches, but 'til then - I'll be going on the site to get my hands on this dress before it sells out! 


  1. Such a great concept! I'm excited for the site launch now!


  2. Looking forward to this site!