adidas NEO label | the polyvore looks

Yesterday, Colby, Melanie, Claudia, Rachel and Nicole and I had the honor of sifting through all the Polyvore entries for the adidas NEO label contest. We each chose 15 final looks to pin to our board for the runway show. I'll be joining my fellow bloggers in the front row with Selena Gomez and will also be - drumroll please - giving away 2 tickets (you and a friend!) to the show on Wednesday, February 6th 2013!

Comment below with your full name (and the full name of the person that you want to bring) and tell me why you want to go to the adidas NEO label runway show! I'll be choosing the winner and their friend on Saturday!


  1. Cynthia Chen and Laura Paterson! I want to go to this show because Adidas has ALWAYS been one of my favorite brands! I think the brand has a really great urban vibe, a aesthetic I try to draw from in my everyday style. I also am very interested in the fashion world especially from the photographer's standpoint. A few years ago I got really into photography and each day I enjoy it more and more. I drool over so many runway photos and street style photos and this would really give me a chance to do it myself!

  2. My name is Kerina Yang and I would bring my friend Alisha Memon. We would absolutely love to go because we love the Adidas line, along with the NEO label shoes and we also love Selena Gomez. This would be so much fun since we've never been to anything like this before and it would be an amazing opportunity. Not to mention the show is on the day of my birthday and it would be the best present, and the best way to spend my birthday!

  3. great ! ;D.


  4. I love your skirt! xx


  5. My name is Kelly Chang and I would like to bring Lynn Lee along with me. I want to go to the fashion show because I love the brand Adidas and we've never been to an event like this before (: thank you !

  6. Hi, Kristen!
    First I would like to say that I love your blog! I kind of read it religiously and you have definitely inspired me to be confident and bold, wear what I want, and own it! I love the sheer idea of this competition; the fact that young teenage girls can have a voice to style looks and rule the runway is empowering! In a society where teens are often misunderstood and underestimated for their potential, it is great that the adidas NEO Fashion Show highlights their abilities to strive and accomplish their dreams. I would be a great candidate to win tickets to this event because I have lived in New York City all of my life but I have yet to come across such an amazing opportunity. One of the fashion capitals of the world, New York City will always be my favorite city because of its plethora of opportunities and possibilities. I have yet to finish exploring every street and being inspired by every nook and cranny. This event would be a step closer for me to finally take up on what this city has to offer. Although I am a big Selena Gomez fan and would love to see her in person, I believe that she, as an influential celebrity, truly represents the voices of many girls out there who are working hard towards their dreams. I appreciate all of the influential celebrities, style bloggers, and even Youtube Gurus who help inspire and put a smile on those who see them as positive role models. I, Shirley Wu, would be honored to attend the adidas NEO Fashion Show along with my friend Ashley Poon!

  7. My name is Antara Chowdhury and I would like to bring Chaity Shaha. I would love to attend this event because as a life-long New Yorker, I
    understand the importance of fashion and making a statement through your
    clothes. I am the same age as Selena, and she's always been an
    influential celebrity to me because she's extremely relatable. I think
    her style is perfect for someone like me, because her looks are
    comfortable and aren't too daring, yet at the same time they stand out.
    I'm at the age where I'm trying to discover what my "adult" look will
    be. Not only has Selena's style inspired me, but her work with UNICEF
    and her general kindness has proved that she's a great role model. I've
    always been a huge fan of her, as an actress, musician, and a human
    being. I have never attended a Fashion Week event, and it would be an
    incredible once in a lifetime opportunity if I won tickets. Thank you so
    much for this contest!

  8. My name is Chaity Shaha and I would like to bring my friend Antara Chowdhury with me. Ever since I can remember I have been obsessed with anything that relates to fashion and trend. I would love to go the adidas NEO Fashion Show because I want to be part of the experience of knowing the new trend for this spring before most people. I am a huge fan of Selena Gomez. She is definitely one of the most well dressed women in Hollywood. I think we can all agree that her fashion choices can vary from many looks, when she is on the red carpet. She is very adventurous with her style whether it’s a short, fun, flirty, pink dress at the Teen Choice Awards (2012), or an elegant, long, red dress at The Oscars (2011), to her ivory, silky, sexy and glamorous dress at the American music awards (2011). Selena Gomez is a fashion icon and is capable of just about pulling of any look. I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to see what she and many other talented teens picked out together. Thank you so much for this lovely contest.

  9. Congratulations Shirley (and Ashley!) - you guys are heading to the adidas NEO label fashion show this Wednesday Feb 6th! Shoot me an email at kristenglam@gmail for further details :)

  10. Hey Antara! Congratulations for winning the adidas NEO label competition - please email me at kristenglam@gmail.com for further details. Can't wait to see you and Chaity Shaha at the event on Wednesday!

  11. My name is Sarah Munoz and I would like to take my friend Lydia Gregovic. I have loves fashion since I was little, and the idea of being able to step foot near fashion and you guys at work is amazing and mindblowing. My friend Lydia loves fashion just as much as I doc so I know for a fact that she would be estate to be able to go too. Thanks for the opportunity!:)

  12. Angie DeDona and Anne DeDona. I would love to take my mom to this fashion show because I owe so much of all the opportunities in my life to her. She's my inspiration everyday to keep fighting forward and to be ambitious in everything I do. I don't kno what I would do without her, and I think this is a great way to show how much I appreciate her.