the last stretch with classpass + nikewomen

Here's two new things - one from the archives and one from a few weeks ago. I'm growing into my hair a little more and really figuring out what works and what doesn't. Short hair is hard work, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. 

If you're gonna go for the chop - my girl Lauren Thompson at Nunzio Saviano uptown is literally the s***. She also has the cutest dog in the world and if there's anyone in the world I trust: it's a woman with a love for dogs. 

But we're not here for all of this: My San Francisco half with ClassPass and Nike Women is literally right around the corner and how do I feel with quite possibly the hardest physical challenge of my life is a few days away?

ClassPass really set me up with all of the tools I needed to succeed: a rigorous 12-week training program, class suggestions, all the goodies to make my body as tip-top shape as could be. And I have to say, it really was a challenge balancing marathon training and a 9-5 - but hey, I did it. Through all of the sore days and the aimless running. I did it. 

I'll be doing a San Francisco vlog (obviously) and will be touching a little bit more on how I felt throughout the entire thing. 

But know one thing - no matter what my time is and whether I finish or not - I couldn't have done any of this without ClassPass, all the incredible sponsors that have supported me along the way and you guys. Friends, family, strangers - thank you.

As they say - see you at the finish line!

Photos by Ashley Jahncke

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