the traveling sweater

borrowed Quiksilver Sea Crew Sweater  |  thrifted white overalls dress  |  ASOS flatforms  

Let's take a minute and talk about Quiksilver Women's Traveling Sweater Campaign, it was a real thrill to have the opportunity to style the same sweater as Kimberly of Eat Sleep Wear and Christine of My Style Pill before her. The whole concept of the campaign is for this Sea Crew Sweater to go to different places and encounter bloggers with immensely unique styles. I wore an adorable thrifted overalls dress over the sweater with minimal accessories to give the classic striped sweater a feminine feel.  

Follow its journey online or on Instagram and Twitter with the #seacrewsweater and #travelingsweater to see where this baby is ending up next! Hint: she's one swanky chick!


  1. love the sea crew campaign and love how you styled the sweater. that overalls dress is such a thrifted gem! now you've got me on the hunt for one too!


  2. great outfit likt it ^^

    come check my blog

  3. Awesome awesome outfit Kristen!
    The blue and white stripes on your Quiksilver sweater are so classic. That little touch of red adds a great touch and injects some color into an otherwise timeless piece.

    I really love how you paired your sweater with that white overall dress! I don't think I've seen something quite like that before so it's pretty fascinating. It definitely enhances the sweater to create a cohesive outfit while also standing out on its own.

    The idea of the Traveling Sweater Campaign is soooo cool! I definitely wish that I could take part in something like that. All the sweaters being used in that campaign are super cool. I'll have to make it a point to check out how each different blogger wears the sweaters :)
    I'm looking forward to seeing where this Sea Crew Sweater is headed next. Hint please?!?

    Have a lovely week Kristen!! <3


  4. Loving the sweater and flatforms! You look fine as always x


  5. This is the best jumper jumper I've ever seen. I want it too. But it's thrifted so it's one of a kind. Lucky you! :)

    xx Diana

  6. really great styling!!