big star usa

Photos always by FashionGoggled

Thrifted floral blazer (similar here)  |  thrifted DIY studded button down (neeeed this one)  |  c/o Big Star jeans  |  Senso shoes 

This post should appropriately be named two days of Big Star Jeans, because I will shamefully (not really) admit that I wore this pair of jeans two days in a row. But can ya blame me? The wash is literally perfectly faded in all the right places. The jeans are a little short for little ol' me, but hey, cuffed jeans are my thing. Check out their website, it's newly revamped and so freakin' interactive. And plus - do I spy Francisco Lebowski? I hope you clicked both of them links, you won't regret it.

I also attended the Big Star Jeans Summer Social on Tuesday and guess what ya'll - there was a photobooth! So naturally, I went a little wild with it and took a bajillion - yes, I counted - pictures and these 4 are just a few of all the crazy that went on that night in front of that camera. I tried to pick the cutest and the funniest photos to showoff. Met some great people, the Big Star team, some awesome bloggers and there was also an insane DIY station where we made, from scratch might I add, collars from denim scraps. It was glorious - will show you guys soon. 


  1. LOVE YOUR BLAZER, you're gorgeous! just a question, are you born american? (i really hope you answer this cos i'm really curious!) :)

  2. Hi Anna! I'm sorry that I haven't answered back. Hahah but yes, I was born here. I'm Chinese though (but I don't speak a word of it..) Thanks for your compliments ;)

  3. Awesome outfit, the blazer is really nice.


  4. hello kristen! you should create a formspring! :) xoxo 

  5. love that blazer and the studded button down! but mostly those PERFECT shoes!! <3
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  6. FashionablecollectionsMay 11, 2012 at 6:55 PM

    Great cardigan, great blouse and Great shoes! I'm biased towards the shoes as I have the same ones :) 


  7. Wow! I love this look! especially the shirt!
    Sweet Dream

  8. Love your blazer! Such a statement piece! X


  9. Awesome outfit and I love your hair! <3 Following you. :*

  10. Very cool blazer! And yes, you can wear jeans two days in a row ;) Everyone has their favorites!

  11. oh my godness, kristen u're amazing! i'm already following u on lookbook and i've hyped almost every of ur outfits. they're so simple but everytime, really EVERYtime, fabulous! and so is ur bloog. love those photobooth photos, look like u had a great time there :-) x


  12. goldenwhite decorMay 12, 2012 at 7:16 PM

    i love the look and feel of your blog :) too cute!!! Hugs from California! xx,

    The Golden Girls